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Advice, Tours and Travel Styles

What are your Ideal Safari and travel style?

The kind of ideas that you come up with regarding where to travel to, will greatly depend on the type of person you are. For instance, if you do not have a talent for languages but you are good with kite surfing or diving, then somewhere likes Zanzibar is an ideal option! If on the other hand, your travel plan ideas involve visiting countries or somewhere a little more adventurous and offering off the beaten path expeditions then countries like Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, and Rwanda, are better options. The key with narrowing down your plan is to choose your trip carefully; take a good look at some of the tips explained below that will help you when traveling.

Get a Second and Third Opinion!

Ask your family and friends and relatives for advice. They should be able to give you objective input regarding your dream of traveling to Africa based on your capabilities! Ultimately, when something feels right, go for it! Pathfinder Safaris advisers can help you out at any time, with questions about programs or recommendations.

Do you like it rough or not!

Some of the accommodation in the services and programs we offer can be quite basic, like huts or camping, trekking safari and much more. For many of our clients, going back to nature in basic accommodation is a fantastic choice and sleeping under the glowing stars is one of the highlights, but if you have hated every camping trip you have ever been on, you might have to search further to discover what you truly love. Ask one of our experienced advisers about programs and services that include the provision of more comfortable accommodation such as camps, specially built lodges, volunteer houses or home stays with good facilities.

Save Money While Traveling

How do I save money while traveling is actually one of the commonest questions asked by travelers! It is a great question. Luckily, we have some great suggestions for you. Just like we do, most people also include traveling as high on their priority list yearly, because they want to get away from life’s routines and have the opportunity to create precious memories. However, most people do not have a money tree growing in their back yards. It has to be something you need to be very passionate about. If you have been following people who travel a lot, honestly you might think they are millionaires since they are able to travel as much as they can. But it has mostly been about making smart choices of their own, prioritization and applying certain strategies to save money as you go out there. If you do, a common question that comes up a lot is how do you get out of debt so you can travel more? As they say, a dollar saved is a dollar earned and it’s better off in your pocket than theirs.

Money will be a big part of your plan each year, so it is best to start saving as soon as you can. Although the increase in the competition between airlines and increase in accommodation options have helped lower travel costs, more and more individuals are having less disposable income to play with each year. But Remember a great adventure pays intangible, lifelong dividends that defy fiduciary. At Pathfinder Safaris, we encourage and say “Travel more. create better memories”.

Tours and Travel Styles

Do you know which vacation style suits you better?

Taking vacation or traveling is an excellent way to learn and see the things that you only hear about it. Traveling with us is the perfect way to share it with others and the inspiration and memories you get from our travels are priceless.

Our experiences in the travel industry have taught us that we are all different, we all have a different style, budget, or travel preferences. For this reason, Pathfinder Safaris Inc. offers you 15 different travel style selections. We are sure that within this group of 15, you will find one that suits you.

  • Expedition

Our expedition trips which we specially packaged to enable you to maximize your time and money, will take you around all parts of Tanzania, starting with visits to most of the capital cities of Tanzania country. You can get on or off at any of these points from our Great Tanzanian Expedition. If you are having a long holiday, taking a year off from college, or you are in between jobs and need a break, these trips are specially designed for you to have a memorable time. You will get the chance to visit some of the most exciting cities in this region, learn the traditional dance of the local people while enjoying the best of Tanzania music, start a Swahili language course, or you can simply sit back on a 4WD jeep in overland trip throughout Tanzania.

  • Adventure

Our adventure trips are designed to combine outdoor activities, meeting local people, and learning about new cultures. Travel on local buses (optional) and spend the night from small hotels to 5 stars hotels full of character and charm without forgetting different types of camps and lodges. Travel for three weeks around Tanzanie and hike Usambara Mountains-the Galapagos of Africa, Switzerland of Tanzania. Or, travel to Tanzania and trek through Mount Meru and Mount Kilimanjaro to reach Arusha Tanzania and Kilimanjaro National Parks. It is important that average physical condition is needed to enjoy these trips.

  • Adrenaline

These trips are designed for people who are passionate and love the outdoors, where they enjoy the “whatever it takes” challenges that it offers. Expect to hike on average, 6 hours a day for a minimum of seven days. Also, enjoy Dhow and sunset cruises in some of the world’s glorious day in the tropics. A dhow is a traditional wooden sailing boat which has an inboard or outboard engine for safety in the event that the wind drops. Mountain Bike for days on roads that descend from the foothills of mounts Meru and Kilimanjaro to the Pangani and Bagamoyo, or drive along dirt roads, or muddy lanes in the wetlands. Hop on a canoe and explore the rivers and magical places. These trips will take you to breathtaking sights that are exceptional. It is necessary to be in good physical condition to partake in these trips around Tanzania.

  • Golf Course/ Holidays/Sightseeing

Relax or get competitive at one of Tanzania’s major golf courses in settings that offer some of the finest scenery with great settings. With recreational outdoor facilities and outstanding natural beauty, we offer a combination of a spectacular golf course, amazing views, wildlife, towns, and cities with an easy access to world-famous safari destinations. Take in the best that Tanzania has to offer on a relaxing tour of the historical sites, Museums and old buildings such as Churches and Mosques. Be wowed by the color, vibe, and culture of the Tanzania people.

  • Independent traveler

Designed for individuals who do not have much time to travel but are still being attracted to the fun of adventure and travel, this trip style gives you the freedom to arrange or design your holidays based on your preferences. It is also suitable for individuals that are solely searching for a short adventure in a place they have already been staying, you can book a trek in Kilimanjaro or hike the Usambara Mountains with us. Also, it is possible to book each trip with different comfort levels that best suits your preferences and budgets.

  • Family

Tanzanians loves families and in most places, you will receive a warm welcome. It will provide the family a chance to discover another way of embarking on an educational adventure that is safe. Pathfinder Safaris will provide you with some of the facilities that will ensure your comfort while on vacation, such as private transportation, an experienced tour leader and cozy hotels that have the facilities needed by your family. For your convenience, there are no age limits. Experience day hiking in different routes from Mount Kilimanjaro, a favorite haunt of big game fishing and water sports activities in Mafia Island which is popular for snorkel trips in Tanzania.

  • The World Wide Travelers

 You can choose a tailor-made trip or join our expeditions, we expect to be in groups with other fellow travelers from all around the world. This will help our clients to improve their experience at the locations we visit and enable them to learn more about the world and the culture of members of the group from different corners of the planet and at the end experience fun. It will be the trip to Africa that will give you a remarkable holiday which will last a lifetime.

  • Classic

In our classic trips, you will be able to immerse yourself in the cultures of the people and places that you visit. Our lead guides and company representatives will provide you with the access to interact with local people and the communities that you visit. You will get enchanted by the wildlife and learn about medicinal plants from the areas we visit. We will reveal the truth and beauty of each magnificent place you visit and also ensure that it is not too physically demanding.

  • Festivities, Celebration & Special Events

These trips are specially designed for party people that are interested in blending into society and participating in some of the greatest festivals and parties in East Africa or witness special cultural and natural events. The dance of the locals has many cultural traits that differentiate one tribe from another, with over 120-plus tribes in Tanzania. Each tribe has its special music, songs, and dance, there is so much pleasure in listening to Tanzania music.

You will be amazed by the Festival of Sauti Za Busara (Swahili for Sound of Wisdom) which is a four-day cultural extravaganza of music, theater, and dance, showcasing the very best of Swahili musicals and artistic traditions from the past, present and future. The festival, which takes place in mid-February each year in Stone Town, Zanzibar and The Zanzibar International Film Festival (ZIFF), hosted in June/July, showcases and promotes the myriad of film, dance, music, and other forms of art, from the historically trade connected “dhow countries” located in East Africa, India, the Arabic countries, Pakistan, Iran, and islands of the Indian Ocean.

  • Weddings & Honeymoon

The romance of a honeymoon can be experienced in other creative ways and beautiful locations; we usually avoid the classic honeymoon destinations considering the fact that they have become common. These romantic holidays are going to take you to hot and beautiful destinations in Tanzania. Spend two weeks at unpopulated tourist circuit for wildflower hikes and wilderness expeditions in very remote areas or on a boat trip traveling around the unique Islets.

Zanzibar Island is certainly one of the most romantic islands in the world and provides the ultimate setting for an unforgettable wedding or honeymoon. A variety of venues are truly for idyllic weddings and professional services and we are available on the island to handle the entire event on your behalf, or parts thereof in accordance with your needs. Sail away on a traditional handcrafted dhow to a sandbank in the middle of the Indian Ocean; exchange your vows in the ruins of a Sultan’s place or under the myriad of stars in the Old Fort.

  • Community Experience

If you are tired of the ordinary holiday spots and sightseeing and would like to do something to help various communities instead, then this trip will be ideal for you. You can help the children living on the streets (more commonly known as street kids), help communities improve the quality of life or lifestyle and you can also help us take care of our beloved planet. Help kids in primary schools and orphanage centers or plant trees Projects. Join us in experiencing a unique adventure that will give you enough memories to last a lifetime. At Pathfinder Safaris, we will work with you hand in hand in the rural or urban areas.

  • Research Assistance, Learn different Stuff

 Tanzania has a dozen of study abroad/research programs, huge universities and thousands of international students ask for field work and research in Tanzania. With us, you will get reduced rates with benefits of other attractions after your research is done. The researcher and learner are assisted by the society of representative and professionals in the real field and they can suggest how they will assist a researcher to get the right information for their research.

We ensure that the information is enough and suitable for better research, we give the room for the researchers to interact with our partners and the community where information for good research to be considered in the field of experience is available.

The researchers or students have to handle their living costs or Pathfinder Safaris can provide the research Assistance with help on how to find suitable accommodation whilst they’re staying in the Tanzania and all logistic including the basic permit within the district where research are being done. This is our home, our country, your research and by working with us, a researcher will find it easier to penetrate any interior part of Tanzania. It is beautiful beyond boundaries with richly endowed spectacular landscape and natural beauty.

Customized or Tailor-Made Packages

If none of our trip descriptions fits your special interest, style or personality, you can “tailor make” to suit your taste, budget and time. Pathfinder Safaris Inc. offers you the chance to create your own with competitive price for individuals as well as groups. There are no limits on transportation, transfers, accommodation, included safaris, escorts or walk with our company’s representative, we are ready for you. Wherever you go, we go! Just let us know the dates you intend to travel, your chosen destinations, the classification of the lodges or hotels and the room types (double, single, and much more) and the number of people that will be traveling with you.
Our ‘value for money’ service and tailor made programs are extremely popular and it is a great way to ensure that our clients also get exactly what they want from their travel experience. Pathfinder Safaris Inc. can provide you with practical suggestions and great ideas to make your trip exciting. We will efficiently organize your holiday, right from the moment you arrive at the airport till the end when you take a flight back home. Create your trip and experience adventure your own way. However, if you wish to contact our adventure specialists to make inquiries, get more information or advice. We are available 24/7/365.

Ladies’ Programs

Women holiday-maker is a kind of mobile tour that brings Pathfinder’s authoritative advice to the life of our people and the tourist. In our tour program, we feature in-depth women’s destinations and offer presentations that inform and inspire active and aspiring outdoor women while backpacking, hiking, and camping. There are specialized equipment designed specifically for women and based on the current outdoor fashion trend. If you like to travel as a women traveler, miss adventure or trekking lady, this is just for you!

Our women’s programs not only utilize the proven itineraries of our adventure and holiday activity for women such as summit climbs, treks, or learning courses but also functions in other women groups in Tanzania. Pathfinder Safaris will ensure that professional instructors with experience in women’s education will be available to supervise these programs. Come and be a part of this beautiful climbing expedition, trekking amongst the highest peaks in Africa, nice pace instruction, and great food – all in a positive, and supportive women’s environment. We can also customize a climb or a course for individuals and groups of women or for those who would like to travel as a single lady traveler or in a group of ladies or with just a few ladies joining. An economical (and fun!) way to do this is to join one of our scheduled departures based on ladies only!

You may want to climb Kilimanjaro, Meru and other walkable mountains in Tanzania and beyond such as outstanding 5 highest mountains in Africa with the sole purpose of reaching all summits or you may want to learn what it takes to get out on the sharp end. However at Pathfinder Safaris Inc. we have packaged “Ladies Trekking” which is provided for women to trek in Kilimanjaro, there will be all women porters and staff that will provide you with not only cultural insight, but also create the platform to know more about Tanzanian women and possibly support their quest for empowerment.

We have simple stories from hundreds of women who traveled with us or our women whose lives inspire us all. As women holiday-makers, (Giving back) it is a great idea to sometimes spend the day with local women helping to support their causes and getting a better understanding of what life is like for them. This is a very special part of the experience that gives more meaning to the whole experience.

Christmas & New Year Seasons

These are special departure trips that are only available around these great holidays with special activities. Enjoy this special time of the year in a different way and also learn to participate in a way that other people from around the world celebrate these holidays. Spend a few weeks enjoying the food and local brew from local people, participate in the traditional Christmas customs in Arusha and most cities in Tanzania and beyond with live band, watch the sun set and sun rise after New Year’s Eve, or you can also party until the next day! This package is similar to Valentine’s Day and Easter holidays: Ask for our latest offer!

What to remember:

Considering the fact that there are slight variations between trips in each travel style, kindly check our individual trip page for specific information on accommodation, transportation, staff, group size, and other inclusions. Please choose the ones that suit your expectations and email us!

Please contact us for more Facts & Booking. Asante Sana!

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