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Before You Travel

Before you plan your travel, you need to consult with your government regarding any existing travel alerts relating to the areas that you are planning to travel to. When you arrive, you also need to register with your embassy, several countries provide good traveling information and alerts for their citizens who are traveling through their websites. You should endeavor to check for any alerts and also register before your departure.

Tanzania is a very safe country to travel in, the people of Tanzania are warm-hearted and generous and they are always eager to help visitors enjoy their stay. Politically, Tanzanie is a very stable multi-democratic country. As applies to all other countries, a little common sense will go a long way to ensuring a hitch-free trip, reasonable precautions should also be taken which includes locking your valuables in the hotel safe and also not walking alone at night.

Trip Planning

Pathfinder Safaris’ Year Planner

At Pathfinder Safaris, we are a grass-roots Adventure Travel Company located in Arusha and we know that everyone has different travel preferences and budgets; an important part of the experience of the trip is that you feel comfortable with the services that you have chosen. However, most of our holiday trips are on budgets, the difference depends on what is included and not, extra activities, bonus trip and so much more. The word “Safaris year planner” will conjure up the image of beautiful scenery, landscape, wild animals, mountains, beaches and jungles, memories of friends we were in contact with and experiences we will never, ever forget. Pathfinder Safaris comes in all lengths and costs – it is up to you to make the most of it.

Long or short?

It’s entirely up to you to decide on how long you want the adventure trip to Africa to last. You can spend as little as a week abroad or more than 2 weeks. The most important factor to consider in your trip is what expectations you hope to get from at the end of your trip.

How much will it cost?

The million-dollar question! Thankfully, the answer is not a million dollars! Pathfinder Safaris do not have to charge you your entire savings. Fundraising and budgets are very important factors to consider in making any traveling plans abroad and your available funds will determine what you want and where you will like to go.

We can show you how to put your talents to use when you visit- it is possible to combine things that interest you with places you want to visit and have the perfect year out. You’ll be surprised by what a difference you can make if you volunteer and how much further you can enjoy your stay if you get a little paid work along the way.

Packing Smart

It is highly recommended that you have certified copies (paper trial) of all your relevant documentation, you should keep a copy in a safe location at home and it should be accessible when needed by a friend, lawyer or family. You can travel with the second copy but endeavor to separate them from other documents in the event of theft or loss of documents

Document Checklist

In order to avoid forgetting any of the vital documents that you need for a safe and stress-free trip, you can use the document checklist below as a guide in arranging your documents before traveling.

  • Passport/Visa
  • Proof of health section
  • Airline tickets
  • Taxidermy shipping information
  • Copy of airline tickets
  • Customs Registration of re-importable equipment (binoculars, firearms, cameras)
  • Copy of travelers check numbers
  • A Copy of your travel insurance and medical emergency evacuation policy
  • Copy of information page of your passport
  • Copy of your medical prescriptions
  • Travel company’s contact details

Clothes, snacks such as energy bars and candies, toiletries and accessories

Adventure and travel Companies

Selecting a travel company or agency is definitely not an easy decision, especially in light of how much money is involved. When traveling to Tanzania and beyond, trying to organize your vacation or holiday, there are so many travel companies or agencies out there to choose from. It can be overwhelming even when you are just searching on the internet and especially when you are a first-time traveler. In order for you to have a happy and successful trip, it is very crucial that you make the right choice. Bad choices can not only ruin your holiday but also lead you to spend more money that you would have spent for the trip.

So why is Pathfinder Safari Inc. an excellent choice? We are not trying to give you information or simply trying to push you to commit to our company. We know this is our country (we know every corner) and it’s your adventure too, all our clients enjoy this advantage. There are many guarantees and no downsides for you in pursuing your expectations. Adventure travel companies or agencies in Tanzania, some of them do not know the meaning of true hospitality “high standards of the services of a tour agency enables you to see or get what you expected on your trip”.

They offer service in Tanzania, taking advantage of clients and money from unsuspecting tourists especially those visiting for the first time. These tour agencies and operators are not licensed by the government, as a result, they normally sub-contract out your trek to other licensed companies, and then take commission from them. By doing this, they avoid paying the correct license fees and taxes. This will definitely lead to inflated trip prices that will be transferred to the tourist.

These bad operators are only concerned with their own wealth and often pay their trekking staff or tourist guide very poorly and in most occasion, they do not offer them any insurance, proper equipment or other kinds of support they need to carry out their work effectively. At Pathfinder Safaris Inc., we understand the word “Hospitality”, and we subscribe to high standards with mandatory refund policy if we don’t meet your expectations while traveling with us.

As with all travel related matters, a little bit of common sense and pre-trip research will go a long way in ensuring that your trip is a success. You should take advantage of our websites and blogs and speak to as many other travelers as possible, this will guide you in making a decision about which tour agency to use for your trip.

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