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Clients Testimonies

Clients Testimonies

Please take your time to learn what our clients said about us

At Pathfinder Safaris Inc. we believe we have the finest staff’s employment resource in East Africa. But don’t take our word for it. Read the following testimonials and see what people are saying about our company. We will be keeping posted here. We also hope that it will be useful for the people who are looking for Exceeded expectations and ideas. Through this will also help us in wide range of promoting the local and international awareness for tourism through facilitate the management, development in sustainable tourism, fostering the increased in awareness and ensuring that tourism delivers benefits as well as a quality of experience for visitors.

For the reference to our future clients we have posted some of the testimonials on the given link.

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Vision Statement
To promote and render high-quality service delivery in leisure, travel and tourism industry that would lead to increased number of international and local tourists in Tanzania and beyond.
Mission Statement
To offer the most meaningful, luxurious and personalized safaris and expeditions available to East Africa today in order to fulfill our customer’s desire and help them realize their dream of exploring this part of the African continent

In order to achieve our vision and mission statement, we strive to be the utmost inbound or outbound Tour Operators/Travel Agency in Leisure, Travel and Tourism industry through:

  • The provision of a safe, high quality and energetic winning team that will render excellent service to tourists
  • Continuous improvement of our services and expedition products
  • Achieving customer satisfaction by meeting or exceeding the expectations of our customers
  • Operation of our business in an efficient and effective manner by channeling part of our profits to the local communities and shareholders while seeking to increase the opportunities for employee growth and development
  • Being a responsible employer of labor that is respected by employees and the communities where we operate

Let’s go beyond your wildest expectation! Our guests come as clients but leave as part of our community…a family”.


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