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Pathfinder Safaris is in Arusha, the main crossroad for all adventure and holiday activity in Tanzania. In 2012, Amanyisye and other members of his team who are all Tanzanians including his friends, family, and colleagues decided to come together and share their ideal combination of passion for travel, leisure, and tourism with other people who love traveling to this part of the world.

History of Pathfinder Safaris

Pathfinder Safaris was founded by Amanyisye in 2012. Amanyisye is a Tanzanian-born and raised from an overland background. He received his training in Kilimanjaro National Park which is under Tanzania National Parks, after serving in Kilimanjaro National Park as Mountain Clean crew for about seven years in various parts of Mount Kilimanjaro, he decided to settle in Arusha, Tanzania and Pursued Travel and tourism accredited by The Institute of Commercial Management-London, together with Tour Guiding & Administration sponsored by Kilimanjaro Guide Scholarship Foundation Inc. (KGSF) in 2011.

Emmanuel Dabson

Sales, Marketing and Customer Cares

He worked for several Tour Companies for the past 8 years as Travel Consultants and Mountain Guide. He has been leading several groups of people from all over the world and gained a lot of experiences for the past 8 years on safaris, beach holidays and mountains in Tanzania. He loves and enjoys his job

He manages and organized groups of porters, cooks, and guides as one-man power in leading many groups of the client from all over the world. He gained lots of experiences through these climbers. As he usually said, “clients are like family to him as his colleagues too”. They come as clients and leave as mountain family!

Pathfinder Safaris, we provide several services to our clients, some of such services include luxury camping, trekking and lodging safaris for small group safaris using 4WD Land-cruisers. Based in Arusha, the main crossroad for all safaris in Tanzania, we take or clients to all the major attractions including game reserves, National Parks, Conservation areas, and the impenetrable parts of Tanzania, Uganda, Kenya, Eastern DRC and Rwanda based on the request of our clients.

We endeavor to provide ecologically friendly safaris while having the interest of our clients and the environment in mind. We embarked on the actualization of the idea of the establishment of our adventure and tourist company while we were still learning about tourism.

In 2012, we were still in our prime, youthful and armed with so much enthusiasm and experience, this was what we needed to make the tour agency a reality. Our vision right from the start of the trekking and expedition company exceeded our noble commitment to offering quality services to tourists, adventure seekers, and trekkers. Our vision now extends to supporting the national economy through the generation of employment and also the development of local content.

Fun and beauty have always been a part of tourism and we aim to showcase the fun and beauty of Tanzania and the east of Africa. Pathfinder Safaris has successfully adhered to these visions and goals of the establishment of our company over the years. We have a dedicated staff which comprises of young and talented individuals with vast experience in tour operation, trekking, and mountain expedition in East African countries and we are proud to say that we have earned the enduring love and friendship of thousands of our well-wishers, customers, and a host of others. We are sincerely happy that you have come to our website and we look forward to welcoming you and leading you through the wonders of nature in Tanzania and other parts of Eastern Africa as earlier mentioned.

Pathfinder Safaris, Inc.

The Pathfinder Safaris’ team is conscious of our ethical behavior and understand that our efforts towards ethical conduct of business needs to be communicated to our clients and the general public considering the fact that our conduct is subject to the rigorous scrutiny of our customers, environmental groups, group of guests and anyone else that is affected by travel and tourist activities. We have therefore developed a detailed ethics policy over the years by using written codes of ethics that will aid our staff in determining what is acceptable or not.

We make it a priority to inform our staff that ethical behavior is a vital aspect of our corporate goals and vision. We ensure that we leave no mark in areas where we travel to or visit and hike cross-countries through. We ensure that we leave nothing behind, also almost of all the pictures that are on this website were taken by a stand-up team.

Vision Statement
To promote and render high-quality service delivery in leisure, travel and tourism industry that would lead to increased number of international and local tourists in Tanzania and beyond.
Mission Statement
To offer the most meaningful, luxurious and personalized safaris and expeditions available to East Africa today in order to fulfill our customer’s desire and help them realize their dream of exploring this part of the African continent

In order to achieve our vision and mission statement, we strive to be the utmost inbound or outbound Tour Operators/Travel Agency in Leisure, Travel and Tourism industry through:

  • The provision of a safe, high quality and energetic winning team that will render excellent service to tourists
  • Continuous improvement of our services and expedition products
  • Achieving customer satisfaction by meeting or exceeding the expectations of our customers
  • Operation of our business in an efficient and effective manner by channeling part of our profits to the local communities and shareholders while seeking to increase the opportunities for employee growth and development
  • Being a responsible employer of labor that is respected by employees and the communities where we operate

Let’s go beyond your wildest expectation! Our guests come as clients but leave as part of our community…a family”.


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