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Do Business with Us!

Do Business with Us!

To our fellow International Guides, both corporate entities and individuals, Travel Agents, Inbound or Outbound Tour Operators from your respective countries.

Jambo and greetings from Pathfinder Safaris in Tanzania! Are you in search of a reliable and accessible inbound tour operator that will assist your team/group/trip for holiday travels in Tanzania, Kenya and the rest of East African Countries? There is no cause to worry, search no more, we are available! Simply send us descriptions of your proposed trip and we will send you the information about our programs and prices. We will also be very glad to hear from you about any tour programs that you will like to promote through us.

Please do not hesitate to contact us, take that action now, send us any brochures that you would like us to display in our country, let us synergize. Ideally, we have a selection of ready-made itineraries/packages that are designed to foster positive interaction between us and our clients. In a bid to facilitate this interaction, we have designed our packages to understand the customer’s attitudes, personality, interest, and lifestyle, in other words, psychographics. At Pathfinder Safaris, the psychographics helps us to design, visualize and empathize with our customer’s desire which helps them to create an emotional connection between their continuum destination and our company.

Our official policy is to provide a highly energetic winning team that will ensure a remarkable holiday for our customers by providing you with the best possible quality service at very competitive prices for an itinerary in Tanzania. We strive to provide top-notch products and services that will meet or exceed the needs and expectations of our customers. We are determined to provide real African life experience with international best practices in the tourism industry starting from the planning stage and services offered to the trip evaluation stage and the referral process.

As an experienced tour agency, we have a well-dedicated team that is properly trained in customer service and marketing. When we do business with you as an individual or your company, we treat you with the same level of service delivery, respect, and professionalism. While looking forward to receiving you, kindly visit our destination at African Points. With this familiarization trip, we offer travel agents the best of Tanzania hospitality, mountains, wildlife, scenery, flora and fauna. A good example of such familiarization trips is a 15 days trip which is tailored around Tanzania which will provide you with insight into how best you can package your tours in Tanzania.

We invite you to take advantage of Africa Point services and leverage on our knowledge and industry relationships to bring you a great itinerary. With this package, you can travel to the most popular locations at a travel agent only price discount of up to 50 percent off our standard rate. We also provide products seminar to enlighten you about different products and services. This will serve as a great opportunity for you to learn about all you need to know about Tanzania as an ideal travel destination and the available activities. There is no better way to learn about tourism that on location training because you will have the opportunity to visit and inspect a variety of hotels, safari lodges that you may not necessarily be staying. This is a flexible offer that also enables you to include some add-ons such as beach experience and visits to local attractions like the Kilimanjaro safaris and Tanzania music.

We are aware that partnerships thrive on an understanding of customer service and care process so as to effectively maintain a competitive advantage in the travel and tourism market.  Although we are based in Arusha, in Tanzania, we understand that through international partnership, there would be the provision of support and services to operators and agents of adventure and travel business where ever it is being offered. We, therefore, look forward to working with you in a mutually beneficial way. We run an open door policy, please do not hesitate to ask questions or make inquiries, you can always contact us, let us synergize to provide excellent service delivery to our customers. Expecting to do business with you! For Enquiries and Booking, Please Kindly Contact us. Asante Sana!

Vision Statement
To promote and render high-quality service delivery in leisure, travel and tourism industry that would lead to increased number of international and local tourists in Tanzania and beyond.
Mission Statement
To offer the most meaningful, luxurious and personalized safaris and expeditions available to East Africa today in order to fulfill our customer’s desire and help them realize their dream of exploring this part of the African continent

In order to achieve our vision and mission statement, we strive to be the utmost inbound or outbound Tour Operators/Travel Agency in Leisure, Travel and Tourism industry through:

  • The provision of a safe, high quality and energetic winning team that will render excellent service to tourists
  • Continuous improvement of our services and expedition products
  • Achieving customer satisfaction by meeting or exceeding the expectations of our customers
  • Operation of our business in an efficient and effective manner by channeling part of our profits to the local communities and shareholders while seeking to increase the opportunities for employee growth and development
  • Being a responsible employer of labor that is respected by employees and the communities where we operate

Let’s go beyond your wildest expectation! Our guests come as clients but leave as part of our community…a family”.


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