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Pathfinder Safaris Inc. is based in Arusha city in northern Tanzania. One of the most remarkable things about the city of Arusha is that it is surrounded by some of Africa’s most popular landscapes and national parks, nestled at the foot of the picturesque Mount Meru. It is easy to spot Arusha on Tanzania map, and it is a strategic town.

There are several benefits you enjoy by traveling to our location first, there is a daily international flight to the nearest International Airport in Kilimanjaro which makes it possible for you to fly according to your preferred schedule any day provided there is great weather.

Our base is a perfect location for tourism and provides easy access to other parts of Tanzania. Arusha is also close to Lake Manyara, Serengeti, Olduvai Gorge, Tarangire National Park, Mountain Kilimanjaro, Ngorongoro crater, and other major tourist attractions hub in Tanzania.

Apart from being strategically located, Arusha also has a National Park on Mount Meru and an airport that brings local visitors. Arusha is the seat of the East African Community and is located within the Great Rift Valley.

Arusha is the capital of the Arusha Region and is located in northern Tanzania. Based on the 2007 census, it has a projected population of 1,288,088 including 516,000 from the Arusha District. Arusha is considered to be one of the best African cities with a great weather and numerous attractions. Largely agricultural with high-quality horticultural produce that is exported to Europe while the rest is locally consumed.

Arusha’s major industry is tourism, it hosts numerous Safari companies, lodges, and hotels. The Kilimanjaro international airport which is about 60 miles east and approximately halfway to Moshi, helps to transport travelers to Arusha. Although the Arusha airport serves over 87,000 passengers yearly, which is amazing for its size, it is undergoing expansion in order to accommodate more visitors.

Although there are no passenger train services to or from Arusha, there are regular buses to Dodoma, Nairobi and Dar es Salam and other local towns. Another good reason why you need to get to Arusha first is the availability of Tanzania music and the notable Tanzanian hip-hop which is mostly performed in Swahili and also other genres influenced by African American music which is locally known as Bongo Flava. Arusha is also a strategic location for businessmen visiting Tanzania from neighboring countries like Kenya and others. We handle ground clients from here and regulate from Arusha and beyond.

Presently there are several ways to travel to Arusha, the roads are easy to navigate and they are well maintained. There are international air carriers that arrive and depart from Kilimanjaro International Airport daily and local flights can access Arusha airport and soon there will be Serengeti National Park Airport which is an international airport. Traveling to Arusha is easier and more convenient than it has ever been before, with world-class airport facilities and on-the-ground assistance. Whether you are traveling independently or you are using our services especially for local flights within Tanzania, you will be able to access Arusha easily. You can book your ticket in advance and also ensure that you have confirmed your return flight too.

There are several international airlines with frequent direct and indirect flights to Arusha, at the time of writing, the international airlines that fly to Kilimanjaro airport include:

  • Swiss International Airlines
  • Emirates
  • KLM Royal Dutch Airlines
  • Turkish Airlines
  • Oman Air
  • Ethiopian Airlines
  • South African Airways
  • Egypt Airways
  • Air Uganda
  • Kenyan Airways
  • LAM Mozambique Airlines
  • Rwanda Air

There are several international roads crossing into Arusha from Kenya, however, the most frequently used road is the border crossing at Namanga which is about halfway between Nairobi and Arusha. There are also quieter border crossing at Taveta, between Voi and Moshi and Isebania on the main road between Kisumu and Mwanza. It is easy to drive to Arusha because there are several companies running comfortable shuttle bus services between Nairobi, Arusha, and Moshi in Tanzania.  These buses are provided mainly to serve tourists flying into Nairobi and are visiting the game parks in Tanzania’s northern circuit region from Arusha or tourists climbing Mt Kilimanjaro from Moshi. The buses take between five to six hours in either direction and the drivers assist passengers with the border procedures. Pathfinder Safaris can arrange a reliable daily booking service from our shuttle agents or long-distance cross-border bus travel.

The booking process is done by following the steps below:

  • Firstly, book your trip by filling out our customized holiday trip form
  • Seek for the information regarding your vacation and ask questions. Ensure that your questions such as pricing/cost of things, cost of hosting you, visa requirements, travel recommendations, your safety and any other questions you have are properly answered
  • Pathfinder Safaris Inc. will update you about any specific requirements that you need to be aware of to ensure a hitch free holiday
  • You will get your trip confirmation after filing our customized holiday trip form
  • In the event that you are applying for a visa, Pathfinder Safaris has an extensive knowledge and can assist you regarding related questions that you have
  • Book your flights, this includes the international flights and also local flights if you intend to use flights within Tanzania and across East Africa which is highly recommended. Update us about your flight details as soon as you have booked your flights
  • Arrange a suitable travel and health insurance
  • You need to consult your doctor for advice on medical recommendation for your destination as well as vaccinations
  • Start preparing for your trip, and ensure that you prepare early. Ensure that you are also physically fit especially if you want to attempt any mountains
  • Accept our services and pay for your adventure, our expertise and skills will certainly exceed your expectations and also help to stimulate the local economy
  • Get ready to venture into the world of adventure that will give you remarkable memories that will linger in your memories for life!

Be free to ask us any questions and also make suggestions, we will be glad to hear from you, you can access us anytime, we are available 24/7, we do not sleep!

There are several reasons why you should choose us, Tanzania has the most appealing investment environment in the world, about 30 percent of the country is protected and this includes 16 national parks, 24 game reserves and one conservation preserving the country’s natural heritages. There is no doubt that Tanzania possesses unparalleled tourism potentials in terms of the abundance of a variety of attractions that will suit tourists.

Best known as “the land of Kilimanjaro, Zanzibar, and Serengeti”, Tanzania could easily be referred to as the capital of the natural wonders of Africa. Tanzania is home to three of the seven natural wonders of Africa: Mount Kilimanjaro which is known as the pinnacle of Africa because it is the highest mountain in Africa and the tallest free-standing mountain in the world.

The second wonder is the Ngorongoro Crater which is the largest unbroken caldera in the world, renowned for its abundance of varieties of species and wildlife and the Serengeti which is a famous national park where the largest animal migration in the world takes place and also host to more amazing wild animals than all existing zoo combined. There is something for everyone in Tanzania especially for people on holidays, it is politically stable and is among the world’s peaceful country.

Tanzania has a competitive edge of its unspoiled nature and abundance wildlife which serves as a catalyst for attracting big players in the tourism sector that will put Tanzania on the tourist fast track in Africa. There are over 260 tribes in Tanzania which add to the cultural diversity you will experience with an exotic tapestry of flavors, smells, and colors. Hospitality in Tanzania is a tradition that every tourist looks forward to, come and have a feel of true beauty and adventure.

At the time of writing, according to SafariBookings which is the largest online marketplace for African safari holidays, the overall average rating for Tanzania both in the user and expert category of reviews is 4.8 out of 5 stars and the highest score of all eight major safari countries. The countries involved include: Botswana, Tanzania, Kenya, Zambia, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Uganda, and Namibia. When thinking about the reason why you need to come to Tanzania, consider the following points:

  • There are superb wildlife viewing top-class parks, two of the parks are UNESCO World Heritage Sites
  • You will have the chance to enjoy authentic African wilderness with unfenced parks, endless plains and dirt roads
  • The annual great migration where an estimate of more than 2.5 million wildebeest and zebra, migrate from Serengeti National Park in Tanzania to Masai Mara National Reserve in Kenya
  • You will get the chance to enjoy beach holiday extensions on Zanzibar Island including kite-surfing
  • There is a wide range of budget, mid-range and luxury safari options
  • The best chimp tracking of Africa in Gombe and Mahale Mountains National Park
  • There are direct flights from different parts of the world and they easily access the northern and southern safari circuits
  • You get the chance to extend your holiday by climbing Mount Kilimanjaro which is Africa’s highest mountain
  • You will have the chance to enjoy these striking services and packages in a country that is politically stable and safe

A strong passion and enthusiasm for tourism, leisure, and travel, led to the creation of Pathfinder Safaris Inc. In 2012, TeamPathfinder decided to establish the adventure travel and expedition Outfitter Company together with our city’s colleagues in order to share in the same passion for adventure travel and also for those who love outdoor expeditions. TeamPathfinder comprises of a highly energetic winning team that offers the best quality, convenience services and competitive price for your holidays. We are dedicated to taking you to untouched regions of Tanzania and beyond, giving you the chance to have a lifetime experience of fun, adventure and the best of nature’s splendor. We are reliable and always available 24/7/365 to attend to our clients.

Pathfinder Safaris was created to be the top notch tour operators “Inbound and Outbound” or Tour Agency in tourism business by adhering to the following principles:

  • Responsible business practices that are ethical, respected by the employees and the community
  • Provision of an energetic, safe and high quality winning team that will render excellent value through our products and services for tourists
  • Continuous improvement of the services that we offer which includes adventure products
  • The achievement of customer satisfaction by meeting and possibly exceeding customer’s expectation
  • We run our business in an efficient, effective manner which leads to high return on investment that will be beneficial to our shareholders and also leading to greater opportunities for employee growth and achievement

Pathfinder Safaris Inc. is dedicated to providing the best holiday experience for our clients by creating and providing top quality services that meet and also exceeds the customer’s expectations. We are committed to giving our customers the chance to witness the beauty in our world in a safe and friendly environment and ensure that though they came as visitors, they will leave as family and look forward to coming back and also refer their friends and family to also enjoy our services. We also strive to ensure that while we provide top quality tourist products and services that our prices are highly competitive.

We provide the following services:

  • Mountain climbing
  • Expeditions/activities
  • Hiking and trekking
  • Safari
  • Marathon
  • Camping
  • Tours
  • Sightseeing tours
  • Birds watching
  • Package tours
  • Hot Air Ballooning
  • Mountain Bike/Biking and cycling adventure
  • Adventure travel
  • Golf holidays
  • Deep sea fishing
  • Spice tour
  • Kayaking
  • Coastal and beaches holidays
  • Windsurfing and kite surfing
  • Flying and sailing
  • Waterskiing and paragliding
  • Tribal culture (experience/learning)
  • Snorkeling
  • Swahili culture (learning)
  • Airlines ticketing
  • Volunteer travel
  • Hotel/lodge bookings and so much more

How do you compare with other tour operators and their services? Pathfinder Safaris Inc. offers our customers exceptional services at highly competitive prices. For example, most of our programs in Kilimanjaro climbs costs averagely between US$1,850 to $5625, depending on your itinerary. This price is also inclusive of several items and also our customers get a bonus when compared to other tour operators that charge you as much as US$9,000 without bonus offers and inclusive items. We appreciate the fact that both quality services and cost are important to our clients and that is why Pathfinder Safaris Inc. works very hard to maintain efficient operations and also keep our prices low while allowing our clients to enjoy savings.

While embarking on the holiday trips, we will send you a complete list of clothing and equipment that will properly suit your trip in a pre-departure packet and you can also print the list from our website. This service was included after reviewing the feedback from our clients and guides while embarking on several trips. The list is also being updated based on our observation after every trip which means that it is as complete and up-to-date as possible. You can also call or email us with questions and special requests, we will be delighted to hear from you in case you need help locating any of the items on the list. Kindly note that it is extremely important that you adhere to the equipment list strictly.

Currently, you can. If you do not have some of the items and you need to hire the items that are available for hire in Arusha or Moshi upon arrival, we can do that for you. We may be able to procure some of the items in the cities or country of your destination. Please contact or email us for specific information regarding your trip as soon as possible if you are interested. Kindly refer to the rental form for pricing.

A typical backpack on a fully supported trek or safari contains a camera, snacks, extra clothing and water and weighs between 10-15 kg. On porter supported trekking trips, additional cold weather clothes and miscellaneous climbing gears will be carried on your load (duffer bag/rucksack) and it weighs between 18-2 kg.

Yes, we can arrange to hire a personal porter for your daypack in case you are interested, however, the cost of this service is not included in your land cost, and you will be required to pay extra for that service.

In most cases, you can store an extra gear and clothing at your hotel/lodge. Typically, it is free, however, few facilities have small charges. We also recommend that you leave your valuables with your receptionist and obtain a receipt. Please call or email Pathfinder Safaris for more details regarding your trip.

Yes, Pathfinder Safaris Inc. is a travel agent and also a tour operator, we do booking for local flights and also any kind of accommodation anytime you need it. Kindly contact us for more facts and booking, CLICK HERE.

Hakuna Matata! It simply means no worries! Pathfinder Safaris Inc. will be delighted to help you with the necessary arrangements including your accommodation before and after your trip. There is so much to see and also do in most towns and cities in Tanzania and particularly Arusha area and we would be greatly delighted to recommend our favorite tourist attractions or side excursions, restaurants and day trips for the extra time that you spend with us. Please contact us for more facts and booking, CLICK HERE.

There are beautiful places that we recommend you stay while in Arusha or nearby town which is called Moshi. Moshi is within the Kilimanjaro region where the highest mountain in Africa is found. There are several hotels and lodges as well as great camping sites to choose from. The complete list of the best accommodations will be provided in your trip confirmation. Kindly contact us for more facts and booking, CLICK HERE.

Most of our trips feature first class accommodations in larger towns and cities. These hotels generally offer amenities such as room service, laundry, etc. We also endeavor to find hotels that are close to local points of interest, colorful markets and unique shops. Some lodges are actually located at the foothill of Mount Kilimanjaro.

In Tanzania, most of the accommodations are based on double or dormitory occupancy, however, if you are traveling alone and you wish to share accommodation, we will pair you with another traveler based on worldwide traveler or joining schedule from our company. If you would rather stay in a single accommodation, we will do our best to provide a single accommodation for you, however, there are instances where it may not be possible. In such situations, if you request for single accommodation or if a roommate cannot be assigned, you will be responsible for paying the single supplement fee listed. Kindly contact us for more facts and booking, CLICK HERE.

Travelers from different parts of the world to Tanzania and beyond need to plan ahead and depart on the first one or two days of the dates we have published for the trip and also return on the last day we have published. For instance, if you were departing from London, and the published dates were 14th July to 4th August, you should endeavor to depart London on 13th July and also schedule your return flight for 4th August.  You can call or email us if your country is too far so that we can help you plan your travel days. We recommend that our clients acclimatize or rest for a day before or after the expeditions, no surcharges will be added. All our clients that need one-day rest or acclimatization day, they will also go for day trip/light hiking (acclimatization) to a beautiful waterfall near Arusha/Moshi town as well as sightseeing, visiting local markets, cultural expeditions, museums or a day trip to Arusha national park for game drive, short walks and several others.  Expedition guide will provide you with a climbing orientation and equipment checks for those that will be climbing the mountains with us. If we camp at Lake Duluti, we will all gather together for dinner, discuss final details and also look forward to the start of the climb or safari the following day.

A Pathfinder Safaris guide or representative will pick you up from the airport upon your arrival on the scheduled date. For easy identification, our staff will appear in T-shirts with the name Pathfinder Safaris Inc. and also with your name or the name of your group. We will be able to help you arrange accommodations if you arrive earlier and we will gladly offer suggestions for sightseeing, transportation, and restaurants. Please feel free to contact us for more facts and booking CLICK HERE.

We have highly skilled professional guides that have been selected based on strict criteria such as their level of proficiency, careful judgment, safety records, great personalities, patience and supportive teaching styles. All our guides have at least current First Aid Training certification and also proficient in rescue and evacuation skills. In addition to these personal skills, Pathfinder Safaris guides have an educational background in cultural anthropology, natural history, and language studies, all these added skills will enhance their performance and also ensure that you have a wonderful experience while on holiday in Tanzania and beyond.

It is obligatory to tip, it will be your personal choice, however, customary tip is a common practice in Tanzania and it is highly appreciated by your guides. If you make the decision to tip your Tanzanian guide (and avoid issuing a blank check) you might consider bringing extra cash which is acceptable.

All meals served on Pathfinder Safaris Inc. “Full Board” on trips are a combination of the best local, Indian and European standards. Your personal cooks or guides will be happy to accommodate special dietary requests. You will be required to fill a health form that will indicate some food restrictions in order to ensure that our staff is aware of such dietary restrictions. You need to inform us of what you need and what you do not need. There are samples of regional and international dishes in most restaurants in major towns and cities.

At Pathfinder Safaris Inc. we pride ourselves in preparing great mountain cuisine and camping safari. We also offer an extra level of service on our summit climbs and custom trips. We have cooks with many years of mountain trekking, homestays, safaris and volunteering holidays and they provide us with time-tested and nutritious meal plans. While preparing for the trip, you should also come along with your favorite munchies and if you have specific allergies or preferences, kindly note it on your health or application form so as to enable your guide(s) or cook(s) to provide you with meals accordingly

If you are preparing for an exclusive vehicle safari, then you are also free to make arrangements for whatever itinerary that you choose within logistical constraints. We can also arrange any required itinerary subject to logistical considerations and also will be pleased to discuss and quote your special needs “customized itinerary”. Kindly reach us through email for more facts and booking CLICK HERE.

Pathfinder Safaris Inc. can arrange for luxury mobile camping and tented semi-permanent camps for our clients upon request. Both of them are more expensive for groups that are less than four based safaris, however, there is a popular option which is the combination of top lodges with permanent tented campsites in an exclusive vehicle safari which works out at a very competitive price. Budget safari camp can also be prepared, please contact us, for more facts and booking CLICK HERE.

Yes, you can.  All trips can be booked with the exclusive use of a vehicle for your party.  A custom trip for two clients is significantly more expensive per person than seats on a similar small group trip.  Therefore, per person cost of a custom trip reduces the more clients that are sharing the vehicle (maximum in one vehicle is 7). Please contact us for more Facts & Booking CLICK HERE.

Children actually benefit from reduced fares on scheduled airlines and also there are many lodges that will provide an additional bed (large rooms with two double beds as standard) for a child that is sharing a room with parents at a reduced cost. A safari is a wonderful trip for any child that is old enough to enjoy and also appreciate the experience. On most safaris, there are quite long trips on rough roads and such trips cannot be really recommended for babies and very young children. Please contact us for more facts and booking CLICK HERE.

No, however, we would like to discuss with you regarding the trip you are interested in and find out whether it is appropriate for someone that is under 18 years. Call or email us for details.

We try as much as possible to minimize you’re in-country expenses on trips. The following are general guidelines of services included in your land cost:

  • Transfer to and from expeditions
  • In-country airport transfers (to and fro nearest airport)
  • Camping/lodges/hotels accommodations expenses based on three meals with a large portion of fresh, healthy and nutritious food while trekking or on safari with us
  • All scheduled half board meals in lodges/hotels pre and post trip or two nights in a hotel/lodge on B&B basis (usually, but not necessarily one before the trek/safari and one after)
  • Quality equipment such as four-season mountain sleeping tents for mountain trekking, waterproof, chairs and quality Mess tents with table
  • All park fees
  • Professional, experienced and proficient safari and mountain guides, skilled cook, and porters
  • All camping equipment excluding personal gears like sleeping bags, mattress etc.
  • Clean, purified drinking water as much as you need daily
  • Fuel, no limit during game drive
  • Transportation on 4WD vehicle with the pop-up roof to enable you to spot wildlife easily (for safari)
  • All other ground transportation like transfers to/from the mountain at the start/end of the trek etc.
  • All scheduled activities per itinerary stated such as city tours, museum visits etc.
  • Staff and guides services which include cook salaries, porters, guides and their park fees
  • Crises management and safety procedures
  • Emergency evacuation by Flying Doctor Society of Africa
  • Summit Emergency Oxygen for mountain trekking if the size of the group is above 5

Kindly note that all prices are subject to change and some inclusions and exclusions may vary from one trip to another.

There following are some of the services and expenses that are not included in the cost of your trip:

  • Personal travel insurance which includes medical insurance (health), personal accident, loss insurance for adventure travel and activities
  • Unscheduled hotel nights
  • Pre-trip expenses such as immunizations, trip cancellation cost, passports, and visas, international airfare from your beloved country
  • Unscheduled restaurant meals
  • Trekking equipment for mountaineering activities like sleeping bags (thermal ones that can withstand up to 15 degrees Celsius), walking poles and several others
  • Beverages such as; hot or cold soft drinks, water, alcoholic drinks or fruit juice
  • Personal items such as cigarettes, shopping, phone calls, souvenirs, room service, laundry, etc.
  • Additional meals and accommodations necessitated by changes in airline schedule or inability to complete the climb and other factors
  • Tips or gratuities for guides/staff which is just a little way to appreciate you
  • Hot air balloon ride over Serengeti, book with us for USD 549 per person
  • All optional excursions (the main optional activities are listed on the itinerary stated, unless otherwise
  • Portable private toilet with bio-degradable waste system (Cleanwaste) at all camps which will be made available on request for US$120
  • Your personal oxygen used for climbing Mount Kilimanjaro. The system which contains two cylinders each lasts for ten to twelve hours, it is not for sick people, it is meant to serve as a supplementary use or acclimatization and also to assist you on summit day with successful rates of 99.9 percent. We can provide it based on your request at the rate of USD$370, the request must be made in advance

Kindly note that all prices stated here are subject to change and some inclusions and exclusions may vary from one trip to another.

Absolutely! Quite unlike other tour agencies, Pathfinder Safaris acknowledges that our trips are scenic, physical and cultural expeditions into foreign countries and therefore, we encourage our clients to interact with the locals and the staff/crews while traveling with us. Your guides are experienced in proper cultural courtesies and they will be able to advise you as you travel, regarding these considerations. The locals will be delighted in knowing that you learn their cultures and language such as learning Swahili words.

The easiest way to sign up is to open the application link that can be found on the homepage of our website or here customized holiday form. You can also get various itineraries or trip pages. You can book for trips or treks through the following ways:

  • Mobile: +255-776-250-407
  • Internet: www.pasafaris.com
  • E-mail: Tourconsultant@pasafaris.com or Uhuru@pasafaris.com
  • Mail: Pathfinder Safaris Inc. P.O. Box 2241, Arusha, Tanzania.

*Please take note that we must receive a deposit upon reservation, either by credit card or by check to enable us to secure your space. Your final balance must be paid by wire transfer or cash upon arrival.

Honestly, it may not be possible to predict how quickly our joining trips will fill up, most of our trips fill up months in advance. There is no method of foreseeing how quickly or the specific trip that will fill up fast, we encourage you to send in your application in your best interest and also make a deposit as soon as you have decided on the trip date you intend to join with worldwide travelers.

You need to deposit US$500 for securing your space on scheduled trips or trek, this amount includes a non-refundable fee of $65 for registration and officials. Kindly note that an application alone is not enough to reserve a space for you.

For any scheduled safari or climbs or expeditions with us, your balance will be due 21 days prior to trip departure. The balance is payable by PayPal, money order or wire transfer and you can make payments upon your arrival.

If for any reason you want to cancel your trip or trek, you must notify Pathfinder Safaris Inc. in writing. Your request for the cancellation of your trip will be granted from the date we receive written notice and you will be assessed a cancellation fee based on the following guidelines:

  • More than 181 days prior to trip departure: $75 fee
  • 180 to 120 days prior to trip departure: $500 fee
  • 119 to 91 days prior to trip departure: $700 fee
  • 90 days to 60 days prior to trip departure: $800 + $65 registration fee
  • 59 to 30 days prior to trip departure: 65% of trip cost
  • 29 days or less from trip departure: 90% of trip cost

Although this rarely happens, but if for any reason Pathfinder Safaris Inc. decides to cancel a trip or trek, as a result of insufficient sign-ups or other reasons beyond our control, you will receive a full refund with no questions asked. However, the refunds for other expenses incurred by participants like airfare is not possible. Based on this fact, we strongly suggest that participants should consider the purchase of trip cancellation insurance.

Absolutely! Pathfinder Safaris seriously encourages our clients to purchase this comprehensive travel insurance which will provide coverage for the cancellation of the trip, travel delays, interruption, baggage delays, emergency assistance, medical expenses and the loss of baggage and travel documents. We also recommend www.travelguard.com and you can also browse http://www.travelguard.com/aboutus/contactus/ if you need help from Travel Guard. There are also other companies that you can choose from if you wish to make your research regarding the right policy for you from your beloved country.

At Pathfinder Safaris, we highly recommend it, we organize a temporary membership of AMREF’s Flying Doctor’s Society which may be purchased within your trip arrangement on first deposit and it is in your inclusive terms. This cover provides a free air ambulance evacuation of light aircraft and also skilled doctors for emergency evacuation and treatment during incidents due to accident or medical emergency with ground transfer to a hospital of choice and also evacuation to Nairobi in Kenya and Arusha or Kilimanjaro in Tanzania.