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Foreign Country Travel Guide

Before embarking on a journey to another country, it is important that you carry out a bit of research. You need to consult your doctor in order to check if there is a need for pre-travel vaccinations and also obtain useful advice and relevant medication needed for your trip which may not be available in the country you are traveling to. You also need to find out about the climatic condition of the country you intend to travel to and that will enable you to pack the necessary clothes and shoes accordingly.

You need to know about the custom, traditions and religious beliefs of the local people where you intend to stay, there are some countries with a particular behavior and dress code, you need to be aware of such dress codes because not only is it a respectful and responsible practice but this could also save you so much hassle and stress especially the female travelers.

If you intend traveling with your medications, ensure that you have the relevant prescriptions from your doctor to avoid drug trafficking issues, remember that drug trafficking is a serious offense, some drugs in developed countries may be viewed as hard drugs in other countries. You have to familiarize yourself with the drug laws and regulations of the country you intend to travel to. As a traveler, you should never leave your bag unattended at any shipping port or while in transit, you need to be vigilant at all times.

In order to make your trip a successful one, it is important that you are aware of what to expect in your destination, a little bit of knowledge and education will make your trip more successful and less stressful. You will definitely need a passport and visa in order to travel, your passport should be a current one and should be valid for a period of at least six months from the date you intend to travel. It can be a difficult task trying to renew your passport overseas and most countries do not issue a visa in passports that have almost expired. Check the visa requirement of the country you are traveling to, some countries may not grant you a visa on arrival. You will find the information below a useful guideline regarding obtaining a Tanzania visa.

Tanzania Visa Information

Obtaining a Tanzania visa is not difficult, a single entry or ordinary visa which has a validity of three months can be issued at the airport upon your arrival or at any of the border entry points into Tanzania and Zanzibar. The cost of the visa for most nationalities is US$50 for just one person while U.S and Irish citizens are currently paying US$100 per person. If you are obtaining the visa at the point of entry which could be a border or the airport, you would pay in U.S dollars and then provide two copies of your recent passport photo. It is also possible to get your visa from Tanzanian Embassies and Consulates which can be found in several countries. Kindly note that you are also required to obtain a visa for Kenya if you are entering Tanzania through Nairobi and the visa may be obtained on arrival or in advance from Kenya Embassies. There is a concessional “Transit Visa” rate specifically for passengers that are simply transiting through Kenya.

Zanzibar Entry Requirements

Before you enter Pemba and Unguja, you also need Tanzania visa, you can obtain the visa from the Tanzanian Embassies and Consulates in several countries and we highly recommend that you get the visa from the relevant embassy in your country before your departure. Pathfinder Safaris Inc. will organize your Tanzania tour permit for you. You are only allowed to stay in Tanzania for a maximum of five months period within a year

East African Countries Visa Requirements

Before traveling to other East African countries which include: Burundi, Rwanda, Kenya and Uganda, you need a visa. You can consult with the relevant government agency in your country to give you information regarding where is safe or unsafe to travel to and also endeavor to register with your local embassy or consulate in the country you are traveling to.

Traveling for the first time to a foreign country can be a daunting task, however, after your first experience, you will become familiar with the steps and procedures. Most importantly, you can make your trip to any part of the world less stressful if you research and educate yourself about the country. Endeavor to make that trip to Tanzanie and take advantage of the tailored travel plans and trips that Pathfinder Safaris Inc. has put together for our clients, it will reduce the level of stress of your trip while you embark on a journey to discover nature.

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