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Getting Reservation

How to get Reservations

First Step

As soon as you have made up your mind about which holiday is suitable for you, you need to check the availability of the service and your dates. Please send us an email or check our website: You can make the choice of the trip of your choice and fill the customized form, send the form to us, together with a deposit of 30 percent of the applicable fees. As soon as the booking is confirmed, we will forward the confirmation invoice to you. Pathfinder Safaris will refund the deposit money if we cannot offer you the particular trip you ordered.

Kindly note that reservations cannot be made without any deposit. The payment of the remaining balance will be due three weeks prior to the date of departure or you can also make the payment upon your arrival. As soon as your payment is received, we will send you the information/itinerary for the trip of your choice and also remind you of all traveling essentials. Please ensure that you have received these facts before you leave on any trip of your choice.

All bookings are made with Pathfinder Safaris Inc. and no one has the authority on its behalf to change the terms and conditions where applicable. The booking fee is accepted to be a part of the inclusive fare and can only be refunded if the applicant or client cannot be accommodated. If the amount is not paid in due time, the company reserves the right to treat the booking as cancelled. In the event of late applications, applicants may join the trip based on the availability of accommodation. We are able to reserve a space (optional) for World Wide Traveler or joint trip within 3-7 days whilst you read the information or clear time off at work. It is highly advisable that you do so as soon as possible because some of our trips are booked up months in advance and we sincerely do not want you to miss out.

We also advise that you read the general pages and FAQS, booking conditions and trip notes carefully. You can download the trip notes or read it at and also, you can send Pathfinder Safaris Inc. a request for a copy, we will gladly send you a copy.

Kindly note that our holidays are by nature active and some of our travels are to remote destinations. It is therefore very important that you clearly understand exactly what is involved and be confident that you can fully participate in all activities that are included in the trip. If having read the information about the trip, you are unsure about the suitability of the trip for you, please contact us because we have an expert on hand that can talk you through the entire process.

Completing the Booking Form

It is important that while making your bookings and reservation, with Pathfinder Safaris, that you ensure we have your correct details. We will need you to profile yourself, your flight arrival details and your expectation for the holiday, what you expect to see and do in Tanzania and beyond like Kilimanjaro safaris, visit the Ngorongoro Crater, enjoy live Tanzania music etc. The information that you provide is required to join one of our trips and it is entirely confidential- it will never be used for any other purpose other than ensuring that you have a safe trip and also the trip is professionally run, no information is sold. We have selected a number of African travel specialist partners that specialize in specific fields from East Africa and throughout Africa.

To book any trip with Pathfinder Safaris, 30 percent deposit is required, this is simply to ensure that we are able to secure any accommodation and permits. If you are holding any option on the trip, kindly write your option number in the space provided and enter today’s date.

Please ensure that your name is spelt exactly as it appears in your passport and fill in your passport details. Also, ensure that your passport is valid for at least three months beyond your period of stay and if not, you may have to obtain a new passport which can be done by contacting the appropriate department in your country.

All airline tickets that are issued with incorrect spelling cannot always be reissued without a penalty so it is important that you double-check your name. Please do not use abbreviations such as Rob for Robert except that is what you have in your passport.

Kindly specify if you have special dietary needs in the space provided on the booking form. You need to provide us with your next of kin or contact, in the unlikely event of an emergency whilst you are on your trip, kindly supply us with a contact name and address in the box provided.

Do you need a single room? A single room is not always possible so please read the Trip Notes to ensure the availability of single rooms/tents on your chosen trip.

Do you have the intention of extending your holiday with us? We are able to alter your local flight details subject to availability. You may also require pre or post tour accommodation, please call our team or +255-783-320-288 or email us for assistance and a quote.

Do you need a flight connection from a regional airport or have you considered upgrading your flight, if yes, kindly contact our sales team. Are you also interested in hiring equipment for your trips such as a sleeping bag or duvet jacket? If so, please tick the box or contact our sales team.

Are you insured? We would require you to be insured and also to have suitable cover for the particular trip. Pathfinder Safaris suggests a very comprehensive insurance policy specifically tailored for our style of holiday, either for a single trip or for a whole year. Please see our FAQs.

If you require the services of local airline and you have not booked your local flight, please contact our office for booking and also confirm where you can be picked up or meet the group if it is a joint trip.


You need to sign the form, this indicates that you have read through the booking conditions and agree to abide by our terms and conditions. After reading the information that is provided, you will be enlightened about what is involved in specific trips.


You will have to send the completed booking form “Customized Form” and also send a deposit of 30 percent of the total travel costs or whichever is greater. If you are booking within three weeks of departure, then full payment is due on booking and we may have to impose a late booking fee of US $25 per person which will be used to cover extra expenses if the departure is less than 31 days away. However, if departure is less than 31 days, we require a guaranteed final payment like a wire transfer or credit card payment. We regret that we cannot accept personal checks less than 31 days before departure.

What happens if I need to cancel my Trip or Trek?

If you need to cancel your trip or trek, Pathfinder Safaris must be notified in writing. As soon as the request is sent, your trip will be cancelled from the date we receive your written notice and you will incur a cancellation fee based on the following schedule:

  • More than 181 days prior to your trip departure: $75
  • Cancellation between 180 to 120 days prior to trip departure: $500 fee
  • 119 to 91 days prior to trip departure: $700
  • 90 days to 60 days prior to trip departure:65 percent of trip cost
  • 29 days or less from trip departure: 90 percent of the trip cost

Terms of Payment

Pathfinder Safaris Inc. does not accept online payments at moment. However, we currently accept payments through wire transfer, PayPal and in exceptional cases, credit card for local payments in case there are additional services required by our clients. All the necessary information will be provided in an email when you make a reservation. Travelers check payments are also accepted, however, surcharges may apply for travelers check.

What Happens Next?

Your booking will be confirmed within one to three days normally, although, during busy periods, it may take a little longer. Your confirmation will include Local flight details (optional) and additional information about visas, vaccinations and what to take. If you require accommodation or parking near to your departure airport, that can be arranged, please email our sales team, we can help with all pre-departure requirements.

If you need a Tanzania visa, we suggest that you get information by checking here  Entry Requirements and Visa Information and also Tanzanie Embassies and Consulate in many countries.

Final payment

The balance of your payment is due 3 weeks before departure. Although we accept a range of credit cards and money wire transfer for the deposit, we prefer the final balance to be paid by credit card or check; if you paid with credit card, it will be subject to a 1% surcharge, except in the case of late bookings, where this is included in the late booking fee.

When Pathfinder Safaris receives your deposit, a booking packet and invoice will be mailed to you. The final payment of the balance is due not later than 21 days prior to the commencement of your holiday vacation or you can pay upon your arrival. If the balance has not been received by these dates, Pathfinder Safaris Inc. shall be entitled at its discretion to treat your booking as cancelled and consequently you shall forfeit such part of the deposit as determined.

If you need longer time, please let us know.

Please note: if your trip is not up to minimum numbers at the final payment date, we will not take your payment until the trip is confirmed, or arrived at which point we will contact you to let you know. Please do not pay for any connecting travel arrangements before your trip is confirmed, as we cannot be held liable for such expenses.

And finally

About two weeks to 10 days before departure we will send out your Final Joining Instructions and these will normally include everything you need for your adventure trip. If you have any concerns about these details or any last questions about your holiday, please do not hesitate to contact us immediately. All that remains is to get you to the airport or joining point on time and have a wonderful holiday.

Afterwards please don’t forget to fill in your quality control questionnaire telling us about the good points and any improvements we can make for future trips.


Adventurous Travel

The areas of most of our holidays are remote, the lifestyle is also quite different from the lifestyle of where you come from and the events are less predictable when compared to a conventional holiday. The health and safety, operational standards, especially of transport, hotels, and airlines are not as efficient as that obtained in the Western world. However good our company is, we are sometimes at the mercy of the unexpected and such trips can never be entirely without hitches. If you are not prepared for such eventualities, then you should not travel with us. Local politics, weather, airlines, transport or many other uncontrollable factors could result in a change in itinerary or means of transport.

Although it is unlikely that the itinerary would be altered substantially, however, if such changes are necessary, the leader will make the decision of the best alternative after consulting with the group. In the event of a delay or a change, we will do everything we can to minimize the effects, however, we cannot be held responsible for the results of such delays or changes outside our control.

Finally, every country experiences some form of security risk whether in the US or India and although travelling in a group is a safeguard, it is not a guarantee and even though we will do our best to take reasonable care of you, it will not be adequate if you do not also take sensible precautions.

Costs (Prices and Surcharging, Credit Card Charges)

All incurred prices are subject to change at any time, this is as a result of currency fluctuations and the exchange rate at any given time or circumstances beyond the control of Pathfinder Safaris Inc.

All prices are quoted in US Dollars, British Pounds, and Euros on costs. We reserve the right to change the prices at any time before your booking is confirmed. We shall notify you in writing along with the confirmation of your booking.

We strive to minimize you’re in-country expenses on trips. The general guidelines for services that are included in your land cost include:

  • In-country airport transfers.
  • All scheduled half board meals in hotels/lodges pre & post trip. Or Two nights in a hotel/lodge on B&B basis (usually, but not necessarily, one before the trek and one after).
  • Camping/ hotels/ lodges accommodations (expenses).
  • Accommodation expenses based on 3 meals while safari or trekking.
  • Mineral water 3 liters per person per day.
  • All park entrance fees.
  • All camping equipment (Except personal gears such as a mattress, sleeping bag etc).
  • Transport on a 4WD vehicle with the pop-up roof, which enable you to spot wildlife easier (For safari).
  • Fuel, no limit during a game
  • All other ground transportation such as transfers to/from the mountain at the start/end of the trek etc.
  • Staff and guides services.
  • All scheduled activities per itinerary stated (museum visits, city tours, etc.)
  • Porter support (with the exception of personal porter).
  • Flying doctor’s insurance

*Please note that all the prices are subject to change, there may be some inclusions and exclusions which may vary from one trip to another.



  • Visa, International airfare from your beloved country.
  • Personal Travel Insurance including personal accident, medical insurance (health), loss insurance for adventure travel & activities.
  • Unscheduled restaurant meals.
  • Unscheduled hotel nights.
  • Beverages (water, Hot and cold soft drinks, alcoholic drinks or fruit juice)
  • Items of personal nature (phone calls, cigarettes, shopping, souvenirs, laundry, room service, etc.)
  • Tips or other gratuities for Guide/staff.
  • Every optional excursion; the main optional activities are listed on the itinerary stated
  • Hot Air Balloon ride over Serengeti, book with us for USD 605 per person.


Please note that all the prices are subject to change, there may be some inclusions and exclusions which may vary from one trip to another.

* Kindly note that prices are based on tariffs, currency exchange rates and other costs prevailing as at the time of printing and they are also subject to change without a notice


Wherever possible, our aim is to make use of accommodation located within the area we visit which is locally owned and such accommodations may not be up to international standard. Issues such as defective plumbing and hot water may exist and the facilities may not be of standard quality. The services may not also be polished and you have to accept this as part of the experience of the trip.

We also make provision for luxury accommodations in larger cities and towns and they offer standard amenities like laundry and room service. Most times we find accommodations close to local points of interest, colorful markets and unique shops


In East African countries that we visit, transport facilities and regulations are not up to the standard of the EU, Australia, Asia or North America. In situations like this, we make efforts to ensure that our transport complies with local standards and regulations, though we may not guarantee the same standard with the US or EU. You should be prepared to accept the standard of transport that is available here. When you accept this, you are then ready to have a lifetime African life experience.

Group Activities

Most holidays on this website are usually in a group, a group lead guide or leader usually accompanies the group. Consequently, all activities that are included in the price are based on being part of the group. We may not be able to supply alternative services such as guides, leaders, and other activities if you leave the group either by choice or as a necessity



On your trip

Spending money

You need to take enough money to cover the cost of meals that are not included in the cost of the trip, and also for drinks and unexpected expenses. Advice on this is given in the Travel essential. Remember there are often souvenirs and gemstones to buy and you should make provisions for extra spending.

Baggage on flights

On Most flights, you are restricted to carry 20 kg of baggage. We recommended you take rather less than this to allow for souvenirs that you may want to bring back. On some mountain flights, the weight limit is lower, where this is so, we state it in the Travel essential.

Baggage on trip

On a few trips, there are restrictions as to the type and weight of baggage that you can bring; the Pre-Departure Information will advise you on this. On hiking trips outside the city that involve local porterage, we provide a kitbag such as on the mountain, which will help protect your luggage from the inevitable wear and tear involved. It is normally possible to leave an extra bag of gear that is not needed on the trek at the starting point, to be collected later.

On-trip services

On all trips, our staff is there to help if you need any special assistance. Camping trips tend to be more participatory than lodge-based trips: on some, we have cooks and camp helpers to do the work, but on most trips, you will need to help by setting up your tent, and sometimes also by joining in cooking African cuisine or shopping rota.

Camping equipment

Regarding the provision of camping equipment, all the communal items are supplied by Pathfinder Safaris, including tents and all cooking and eating utensils. The Trip Notes give specific details of what is supplied for each itinerary. The most important item of equipment for any walking trip is a comfortable pair of walking boots that are appropriate for the conditions. Clothing should be light, comfortable and suitable for outdoor activities and you should obviously have cold and wet weather protection. On some trips, you will need a sleeping bag and sleeping mat and sometimes other items of specific equipment: where this is the case, details are given in the Trip Notes.

Hire or purchase?

For your convenience we operate a scheme through which you may hire such sleeping bags, sleeping mattress and duvet jackets directly from us, or other equipment at a reasonable price. For full details, ask for Equipment Hire.

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