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Group Travel services

Age Range, Type of Group/Group Travel Holiday

Pathfinder Safaris has special packages that provide the opportunity for clients traveling in small or large groups which ranges from a minimum of 8 to a maximum of 16 people or even more. These specially designed trips include most activities such as short excursion tours, a visit to national parks, hiking and several other activities that will justify any expenses incurred. There are many things involved in planning a group tour, firstly, there is need for a thorough market research on the holiday’s destination, the standard and location of the accommodation, the rooms required, the group fare that will be charged, the availability of sufficient space amenities and many others.

Pathfinder Safaris Inc. offers great tours for all ages and types of guests, from clients that are in search for relaxing itineraries to those who want to experience a collection of adrenalin activities that are prepared for everyone. Anyone with a good taste for adventure with an open mind will enjoy our trips. We receive a group of friends, couples, charity groups, college and school students, single travelers and many others. Please note that the minimum requirement for a group tour is two persons.

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