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Leadership in Tourism

As a tour agency, part of our goals in tourism business is to showcase true leadership in tourism by minimizing the impact of tourism on the environment while increasing the income generating opportunities and creating employment for people in local communities and in other parts of Tanzania. We are located in Arusha, in Tanzania and we want to grow our business to the level where we are able to host more guests and provide high quality, safe and outstanding service.

As part of our leadership drive, we employ trip advisors and staff that will attend to you before, during and after your trip. Individuals living in our communities also benefit economically from tourism by helping tourist with their guiding skills, as porters etc. Considering the fact that we employ the locals to work for us, they are more willing to protect and manage their natural resources. The local businesses and hotels are patronized through our service because tourists buy local products and use local hotels thereby keeping tourist revenue in the local economy.

We do not rely on the provision of foreign aid from developed countries because of its long-term sustainability and stability issues. Considering the risk involved in some of the jobs that our employees do, we also reward them accordingly, we pay our staff well and we encourage them to keep any tip that they get from our clients provided they render quality and top notch services to our clients, this serves as a motivation and also enhances their performance.

The tourism sector positively affects several businesses in our country, services like: transportation services such as ferries, taxis and airlines, and entertainment services, hospitality industries and accommodation services like hotels, lodges, restaurants, and bars all benefit from tourism. This leads to a better standard of living for our people which is what we aim to achieve as a leader in the tourism sector of our dear country. We encourage you to patronize us as we aim to provide a better living standard for our people in every town and city located on the map of Tanzania, this will become a reality through your patronage.

Ecofriendly Practice

As TeamPathfinder, we are passionate about our environment and strongly believe in saving our environment from environmental pollution, we promote eco-travel by including programs that will help to minimize the negative effects of traditional tourism on our natural environment and also enhance the cultural integrity of the local people in Tanzania. Although we promote environmental and cultural values that enhance the safety of our environments such as: recycling, energy efficiency, and water re-use, we also strive to promote and preserve our entire ecosystem and also seek to preserve and sustain the indigenous culture, religion, and language of our people.

As responsible tourist guides in Tanzania, we strive to maintain a symbiotic relationship with our local communities. While executing our job, such as a tour, trekking or safari like Kilimanjaro safaris, we choose environmentally friendly hotels, and lodges and also we have a zero garbage policy, we believe in the practice of “pack in, pack out”, which ensures that the huts and campsites are free from wastes. We will also appreciate your contribution towards improving our leadership role as responsible Travel and Tours Company. We will value any feedback from our clients, kindly send us and email and let us know what you think. Asante Sana!


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