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Our Leadership Role in Travel and Tours

Why Pathfinder Safaris?

Tourism is a highly complex activity and poses challenging problems for coordination and management. At Pathfinder Safaris Inc. our commitment to Tanzania is by supporting low-impact for responsible tourism. Our company is amongst the leading tour agencies based on fair competition and prices with reasonable value for your money, safe trips, and social responsibility. In order to offer our travelers authentic grassroots experiences, we have spent this past year hiring professionals and most qualified crew and designing new trips, the team comprises of easy going crew which includes: guides, tour leaders, cooks, porters, drivers, etc.

We are the Tanzanian travel specialist and offer a unique way of traveling by giving you the opportunity to identify specific locations and sites so as to enable you to make your own experiences and memories. We avoid destroying the magnificence of those places and we do not want to be accountable for the destruction of our environment, the local villages we visit or the destinations that we so love and care for. We are taking back as much as possible to the people, children, and communities that we encounter. At Pathfinder Safaris Inc. we also focus on assisting others in becoming self-sufficient such as through educational scholarships, empowering women and so much more.

Best Customer Care

Because with us there is no middleman, we offer higher quality adventure travel for a better price. Whether you choose any of our package or your own itinerary, you can trust that with us, you are getting the best value and experience possible. We are real specialists in custom-made itineraries.

Other companies may offer cheaper rates probably for the same trip, but we can promise and deliver superior value for your money. Because we own our own operation in Tanzania, we never have to cut corners to offer a great trip at very low- price. Just take a look at most of our packages/itineraries and you will see the difference and uniqueness. Once you arrive in Tanzania, you will really understand the reason why Pathfinder Safaris is different. So, get more facts by contacting us and you will take your first step toward the trip of a lifetime.

Quality Facilities and Transportation

We believe that a big part of the traveling experience is how to get there together with the quality of facility used. Our main focus is how we will reach our next destination on your arrival. This is why we are going to travel basically on anything that moves. From riding a bike across the cloud forest while heading to the towns and cities, to driving across huge plain areas or having a fun and thrilling boat ride in Coastal regions of Tanzania.

Practical and Effective Accommodation

Traveling with Pathfinder Safaris Inc. gives the impression that paying huge sums of money for luxury hotel charges does not necessarily lead to a better travel experience. We will spend most of our nights in small, clean, and comfortable lodges, camps, family run hostels, or you might find yourself camping at nearby hotel or reserved area, sleeping in hammocks in the middle of the forest near Arusha National Park, spending a couple of days with Masai Boma (Community), or on a boat sailing the coastal regions of the Indian ocean from Zanzibar to Mafia. Most of the rooms that are based on twin-share accommodation are sometimes multi-shared, and you will be paired with a roommate of the same gender. Remember that it is possible to book a single room for you if you are traveling solo and do not feel like sharing a room.

Outstanding Food Experience

When traveling with Pathfinder Safaris Inc. not all meals are included. We want you to explore the tastes of each location that we visit. Local cuisine is considered a very important part of the travel experience. Most of our trips meals are included, usually breakfast, lunch, dinner and some other meals. The food provided is fresh and very well prepared by our chefs/cooks. Also, at every destination we visit, our experienced guides and tour leaders will suggest great local food options that will awaken your taste buds. Meal Inclusions are listed on each dossier after the debrief.

Well Experienced Travel Agents

We know our staff, they are enthusiastic and they are real specialists in their respective fields. We have had the opportunity to get to know most of the guide/leaders and cooks located at every destination throughout Arusha and most popular and unpopular destination within Tanzania; this is why we know who the best are. We take care of all the details from helping you choosing the best trip to match your interests and budget, to arranging your local flights and many other ground activities in your destination.

Our commitment is to provide you with the most qualified and experienced the knowledgeable standing team. Most of our trips are led by one of our experienced tourist guides, local guides, or Pathfinder Safaris Inc. Representatives. Their main job is to take the hassles of traveling off your back and ensure that you get the best travel experience as much as possible. They will also help you to immerse yourself into states to enjoy a cultural adventure of each place we visit, give tips and suggest great eating options where it is available and also introduce you to local friends that are always delighted to socialize with visitors. We will also provide a local guide for some of the short walks, hikes, trips, and National Parks we visit. We are well known for our personalized and professional services.
Insured Crew Members

Whenever you expect to be the best then you can never exploit your workforce. Pathfinder Safaris Inc. endeavors to keep every member of our team constantly involved and well paid. From mountain trekking, our crews are the pillar of support for our mountain trekking expedition, especially the porter. They are certainly among the hardest working men in Tanzania and we ensure that they are rewarded properly for their efforts. We attempt to create a career path for all of our team to progress in their chosen career through training and sponsorship opportunities.

We ensure good pay, life insurance, and rescue evacuation, as well as the equipment and clothes that are needed by porters and every member of the trekking staff. At Pathfinder Safaris, we believe that guides and porters are the heart of our company. We acknowledge the fact that without them, our company will not be able to provide top quality services to our valued clients, and we will not be able to give them all the attention they deserve as we introduce them to the spectacular and beautiful treks in the mountains.

Pathfinder Safaris Inc. is an equal opportunities employer and there are written series of commitments that make up our code of conduct. We do have female porters and female guides.

We have adopted the following guidelines, which we refer to as our Porter Protection Policy:

  • Good and fair working wages
  • Weight carried is limited to about 25 kilos including their equipment
  • Same standard of medical care applies to porters/crew members
  • Adequate meals and accommodations
  • Accident/medical insurance
  • No porter is asked to return from the middle of trek otherwise, it is emergency call
  • Adequate trekking gear for all porters, like windproofs, waterproof jacket, woolen gloves, and trousers, woolen warm hat, woolen socks, trekking boots, fleece jacket, sunglasses, etc.
  • In no circumstances will a sick porter be sent back alone, without someone who understands the problem.
  • Sufficient financial aid will be provided to any sick porter and a helper to cover the cost of their safe return and any required treatment.

At Pathfinder Safaris, our formal career progression path for most team members is Porter, Camp masters, Chef/cook, Summit porter, Assistant guide, Chief guide, Trip leader. In the line of duty, we also have Drivers, Translators, people from tribes and so much more

Leadership in Travel and Tours

As one of the Tanzania’s leading company, we believe it is important to do everything we can to be as responsible as possible. From the little things such as recycling in the office and raising cash for local charities to the bigger things such as ensuring that our trips make a positive contribution to the destinations we visit, we try to make being responsible, part of what we do.

Not only are we dedicated to giving travelers support, assistance and information to make their trip responsible, we also strive to offer safe experiences, sustainable tourism, and help where needed. Here are just a few areas where we try to make it happen…

Social/Cultural Activities – At Pathfinder Safaris, our trips are specially designed to respect local cultures and traditions, encourage authentic traveling practice and also foster a greater understanding between the visitors and the local people. This implies that apart from experiencing a taste of the local life, you will also learn the ins and outs of the local culture and what it takes to be a true traveler. Pathfinder Safaris Inc. also encourages our clients to learn the local language, tradition, and culture before returning to their countries and also think about the impact of your stay while in Tanzania.

The Environment- The conservation projects of Pathfinder Safaris makes a positive contribution to the preservation of human and natural heritage, biodiversity, and wilderness across the globe. This means that stunning landscapes will stay as amazing and natural as they are supposed to be for many years to come.

Local Projects and Local Business – we work with locally run and organized projects that are sustainable and on-going. This means that communities get help where it is needed the most and you can be sure that the good work you take part in, will continue after you leave. We also use local transport, accommodation, and other facilities wherever possible to reduce environmental and cultural impact when you travel, as well as helping to stimulate the local economy.

Hiring Locally- It has always been a priority to hire locally, All of our staff are full-time employees in Tanzania, 100% Tanzanian-born. We also train and employ seasonal staffs who live near our camps with the goal of expanding their skills and responsibilities each season.

Fair Wages- We promote fair and equitable wages in Tanzania and provide tipping guidelines to all travelers.

 Leave no Trace- We adhere to this practice at every destination we visit, to set an example that will foster a clean and safe environment through a pack in pack out policy.

Eco-friendly Practice- In the wilderness, we leave as little impact as possible by making use of eco-friendly and custom-designed camps such as mobile, tents and changing seasonally to allow the ground to recover. Our camps make use of solar lighting and water-saving techniques which help to reduce water usage to a mere fraction of what is used at most lodges.

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