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Safety, Security, and Precautions

Will I be safe?

As long as you are sensible, you almost certainly will be. Pathfinder Safaris is not 100 percent foolproof, but then neither is a trip to the movies. Sometimes things do not go quite the way we planned, but one of the things that Pathfinder Safaris teaches clients is how to cope in unfamiliar situations. If you are a first-time traveler or just want to feel better about setting off on an adventure, then just contact us and we will be able to help plan the right trip for you.

Pathfinder Safaris has programs in over 32 provinces in Tanzanie and beyond the country – we have something for everyone! Why not chase the sun around the globe? Leave home for somewhere more tropical and plan your journey to follow your favorite season. Make a list of what interests you. Are you sporty, political, artistic or studious? Maybe you are interested in culture, people, wildlife, water, countryside or cities? Perhaps you long for an adventure? Or do you really want security?

Tanzania is a politically stable and generally safe country provided the basic rules are observed. When with us, most contingencies are handled by a team of staff. The best way to avoid risk while traveling with us is through planning, playing by the rules and realizing human limitation. Also, you must register at various checkpoints along the way to help record your progress with the relevant authorities.
Tanzania is, overall, a safe country to visit.

This is even more so if your visit is primarily an organized trip. Almost a million tourists visit Tanzania every year and most visits are trouble-free. There have been records of several terrorist attacks in the past, however, the last of such incidence involved the bombing of a hotel in 2002. Unfortunately, the menace of terrorism has become part of life cutting across all the continents of the world and it is very difficult if not impossible, to safeguard against it completely. Fortunately, the occurrence of such incidents are very rare and the chance of being a random victim of such attacks is almost negligent.

As with many third-world countries, theft and muggings exist also in this part of the world and they are relatively common, however, most of these incidents are in major Tanzania cities such as Dar-es-Salaam and Arusha. It is not recommended that visitors walk alone around the city. An overnight stay at a reputable hotel or an organized visit to one of the many attractions in or around the city is fine.
Some of the safety rules we suggest you to abide by are:

  • Do not make a display of wealth
  • You have to keep your belongings secure and within sight
  • Make arrangements for handling emergency situations beforehand.
  • Register personal information and trekking or your holiday’s details with respective embassies.
  • Buy a traveler comprehensive insurance policy and Pathfinder Safaris will organize the temporary air ambulance and ground transfer to covers rescue cost and save your life tomorrow!

Please contact us for more Facts & Booking. Asante Sana!

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