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Social Welfare

Do you Know that a Percentage of your Money Goes to Social Contribution?

We believe that happy individuals make a happy society and therefore, we strive to identify human problems in our society. As a tour agency, part of Pathfinder Safaris’ goals is to meet the needs of people in remote areas especially children that are deprived of basic education. Pathfinder Safaris assists various organizations and social activities such as the provision of scholarship for individuals in our society, supporting the protection of our environmental and catering for the welfare of every employee and their families. We strive to reach out to towns located in Tanzania map and people in Arusha where we are based.

We volunteer our time and resources towards providing social welfare services and share our profits with the society through various programs. By sharing our benefits with the society, we place much emphasis on the education of children in remote areas, we strive towards the improvement of the standard of living of the orphans and also their education, the improvement of the health facilities so as to foster better health care for people in our communities. We also promote preventive measures that will foster good health by enlightening people of the importance of good health and good social life.

We believe that we can provide support to people in need and also help in the fight against environmental pollution, we support the reduction in global warming. This means that whenever you patronize Pathfinder Safaris, you are indirectly supporting the less privileged in our communities. You can get more information regarding our social welfare programs by visiting our community column.

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