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Travel Conditions

Planning and Packing Guide

Tanzania has often been regarded as a cold country with a sun due to the blend of high altitudes and tropical sun that results in a unique and variable climate. This information should be considered by all travelers coming to Tanzania when packing. The temperature and also the climate varies drastically from region to region and could also vary throughout a single day. Basically, all travelers need to prepare for cold, hot, dusty and wet conditions.

When packing for a trip to Tanzania, you need to carefully think and consider several conditions, your packing has to be guided by the kind of activities you are planning to undertake. You have to bring a suitable luggage if you are traveling to all parts of Tanzania and the type of suitcases and bags you travel with should be able to withstand dusty conditions and lots of handling. The ideal type of suitcase is a hard suitcase but they occupy so much space.

If you are traveling by chartered domestic flights within Tanzania, always remember that there are luggage restrictions especially on smaller aircraft. You need to confirm with the chartered airline through us to know the available conditions regarding your luggage and other conditions of service. Tourists that intend to undertake much of their travel by public transport, or trekkers, a backpack is highly recommended. You can come with a sturdy and well-constructed pack which has orthopedic support and lockable zips.

An ideal bag for carrying your personal items such as your travel documents, camera, and basic items is a small daypack and you should also carefully consider what you are bringing with you while on tour. Often times, a casual, comfortable and lightweight clothing is the best. The best color of clothes to put on for walking safaris or game viewing on foot should be white or neutral color, you should try to avoid vividly patterned or bright colored clothes. Evidence from studies seems to suggest that most African game animals are capable of seeing bright blue colors over any other color.

Regarding the best kind of footwear to use, a strong footwear is highly recommended especially when you are planning to do any walking while serious trekkers and climbers require a good pair of hiking boots while preparing. Always remember while making preparations that the tropical/Equatorial sun is strong and it burns quickly, therefore, wide brimmed hats are very much preferable to baseball caps for sun protecting. You need sunglasses and a good quality sunscreen (rated SPF15 or even higher) should be used by tourists. We highly recommend that you come along with a good quality insect repellent, it will save you from inconveniences of insects while walking or trekking.

Safari Style

In Tanzania, travelers are offered an unparalleled range of options which provides you with unbeatable traveling experience. This is as a result of the incredible diversity of cultures, landscapes, wildlife and social activities like the Tanzania music. There are so many options to choose from by tourists and that is why sometimes, tourists find the planning of a trip quite a big challenge but it shouldn’t be that way. Pathfinder Safaris Inc. will always be available to provide you with any suggestions that will help you make the best choices in planning your trip. It is easy to plan and prepare for a safari in Tanzania that will satisfy your personal needs and interests. One of the best strategies to help you plan your trip to Tanzania effectively is to use this website, Pathfinder Safaris has provided information that covers a wide range of guides, activities, and services. You will also be able to decide which of our services you like, where you would like to go with us and what you would like to see and also do while in Tanzania. While preparing and planning for your trip you need to consider the following points:

How Long and How Far?

Tanzania provides you with a diverse range of environment and they are all relatively within close proximity to each other, and there is the availability of an effective domestic travel infrastructure. This implies that you can choose to stay in one location and enjoy your trip or move around the country and have a feel of different places in Tanzania.

The first decision that you will need to make is how long do you want to stay in Tanzania and how much do you want to see? Do you intend to go beyond Tanzania to neighboring tourist destinations like Kenya, Rwanda, and Uganda? Each of these options provides its unique fun and pleasure, staying in a single location allows you to explore the area in detail and this is the best way to enjoy a trip to the wilderness areas. You will be able to have an experience of many facets of the ecosystem.

The rich diversity of Tanzania’s wildlife means that two experiences in the wild are never the same, you will definitely experience and see different things each day. When you spend time in a single location, you will have the opportunity to really understand the cultures of the people and also get to know locals on an individual level. In Tanzania, it is also very possible to take a safari to a completely different destination every single day.

This option will suit travelers who like a variety of experience and environment, a single trip to Tanzania can afford the traveler the opportunity to visit tropical forests, beautiful beaches, and deserts, explore the wild and climb mountains. You also have the choice of two or three destinations and also spend a few days exploring each of the destinations, you should make the choice based on your preferences. It is important that when planning your trip that you consider how many destinations you’d like to visit and also how long you intend to spend in each of the destination.

Who to Bring

There are plenty of options, whether you are traveling with your family or traveling solo, you will find great destinations located on the Tanzania map that will suit your needs. You need to make an early decision in advance whether you would like to join an organized safari group or you want to have your own private transport and guides. In Tanzania, there are plenty of interesting locations, activities, and services that will keep you busy. Organized safari and camping trips often provide great social experiences and also a great way to meet other travelers too. Independent travelers are very popular in Tanzania and it is quite easy to meet traveling companions on the road.

Tanzania is a perfect destination for couples as it provides a great opportunity for relaxation. There are several secluded private guesthouses, camps and hotels that are ideal for romantic stays and honeymoons. When it has to do with a family, then there are amazing destinations in Tanzania suited for a family. Kids love Tanzania and the safari experiences can completely outdo any theme park. There are several hotels that specially cater for families and they provide programs, special facilities and safaris guides for children.

Travel Your Own Style

You can check out as many options as you can before traveling to Tanzania so as to enable you to plan for a perfect safari. You will be faced with great choices if you want to stay in a five-star Luxury accommodation, however, if you really want it rough and experience what life is away from the trappings of civilization that can be arranged for you easily.

You have to also consider how you intend to get around and how long it will take you to move around, if you want a fast and easier movement, you may consider using an aircraft to avoid long road trips and if you enjoy the experience of driving through the countryside, then the choice is yours to make. All options are available for you, it is also possible to plan a safari that blends solitude, relaxation, social experiences, luxury, adventure and natural simplicity. You can go for such options if that is what suits you.

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