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Travel Equipment-Packing List

Effective planning helps to ensure that you have a successful trip, we suggest that when packing for a trip overseas, that you create a list of the items that you need to travel with. You can then prepare based on the items on the list while checking the ones that you have included. Nothing is worse than getting to your destination and discovering that you have forgotten a favorite cloth or a comfortable shoe. Dressing for a safari is completely casual.

Considering the fact that it can be very dusty, neutral colors will be the ideal colors to wear for game viewing. It is very important to note that it is illegal to wear a “camouflage” clothing in game reserves and Tanzania’s parks. Some experienced travelers prefer to wear older clothes while on game drives due to the heavy dust that is sometimes involved. Generally, while going for a safari, outdoor dressing or casual dressing will provide you with comfort while in Tanzania.

Your choice of clothes also matters, it should be comfortable, light and should not be a brightly colored cloth, remember that there is little or no need for any formal activities except personal meetings. In the evening at higher altitudes like the brim of the Ngorongoro Crater and the mountains, a light jacket or sweater may be needed. You also need comfortable walking shoes, a hat to help prevent the rays from the sun, sunglasses and a spare pair of prescription glasses will be a great addition to your list. Remember to include a swimming costume for use at the hotels/lodge’s pools.

Most travelers also travel with binoculars and/or camera and video equipment, having a zoom or telephoto lens will also be very useful while on your trip. Most camps/lodges, private and shared luxury tented camps provide power points that will aid charging of digital cameras and laptops. Most hotels and lodges usually spray their rooms with insecticides and also provide mosquito nets, however, you should come with your personal insect repellant sprays and possibly creams which will help you prevent flies and insects while embarking on your trips.

Having a flashlight with you will be useful while preparing for your trip. There may be no radio or television, so you might consider bringing an iPod and a radio if you want to know about the happenings around the world and listen to music. Most mobile devices also provide you with access to a video player and an audio MP3 player. Kindly note that safari vehicles and light aircraft have a tight limit on the size and weight of the luggage carried on board. You may have to leave some of your luggage at the hotel or lodge upon your arrival depending on your itinerary, you can also keep some of them in the office for the duration you intend staying with us. To make loading of luggage both in light aircraft or safari vehicle, we highly recommend that you use soft sided bags and for participants in scheduled departures, soft sided bags are required.


While packing your clothes, try to reduce the number of clothes as much as you can, you should first check the weather conditions to enable you to make a better choice of clothes. Dark colored or patterned clothes do not show dirt so they are a very great choice of colors, make use of space saver bags because apart from saving space for you, they also help to keep your clothes dry, crease free and clean. Apart from clothing requirements, there are other things that you should bring along with you while packing:

Trekking equipment- They are available and you can hire them on your arrival. Our company knows where to get the best equipment in Tanzania. Nearly every equipment you need is readily available in Arusha and some of the most popular destinations in Tanzania, although, the prices and quality of the equipment vary significantly. We will be able to help you in hiring some of the items that you need like sleeping bags and jackets.

Important Stuff- Although you need your passport and the relevant visa while embarking on a trip overseas, you should endeavor to make copies of your travel documents. You can bring a copy along while traveling and keep the other copy safely where family and friends can reach them in case you need the extra copies made. Keep the copies separate from your passport, you also need to make a copy of other relevant documents which includes; birth certificate, Insurance policy, Bank details and traveler’s check details. The contact details of your travel agent/flight booking office, insurance company and the bank should also be available.

Toiletries- You should come with your toiletries, you can use the list below as a guide to creating your own list:

  • Shampoo
  • Soap
  • Nail scissors
  • Razors
  • Toothpaste
  • Sun cream
  • Hair products
  • Tissues
  • Antiseptic and hand wipes
  • Chapstick
  • Toothbrush
  • Face washer.

The list should be more than these especially for ladies, most feminine products are difficult to purchase in remote areas. Endeavor to include items that you use daily and ensure that they are properly sealed to prevent spillage that could affect other items in your luggage. Avoid packing any sharp or pointed objects in your luggage when flying.

A Good First Aid Kit- Your first aid kit should include the following items:

  • Travel sickness pills
  • Bandages
  • Band-aids
  • Non-abrasive tape
  • Joint supports
  • Scissors
  • Antiseptic cream
  • Imodium
  • Rehydration salts
  • Current vaccinations
  • Record of your allergies

Backpack- It is more convenient to travel with a backpack rather than a suitcase when traveling in Tanzania if you are planning on trekking expedition, a sturdy and comfortable backpack and day pack is a very important item to travel with. Ensure that you properly pack and fit your backpack before your departure and a waterproof backpack will be ideal for your trip.

Footwear- You need comfortable trekking shoes for Tanzania trips, light sandals and a pair of comfortable trainers will be adequate for your trip

Camera- It is extremely important to have a good camera, although most smartphones now have a good camera and large memory space, having a camera will be a great way to preserve the memories of the wonderful moments that you enjoyed while on your trip. You will have the opportunity to take pictures of beautiful landscapes, animals, birds and other objects of interest.

Remember to have extra memory cards, batteries and chargers and also an adaptor which is suitable for the country. These items are not available in trekking areas where you may need to either change or acquire an extra one.

Kindly note that toiletries and first aid items can be easily purchased in most areas within Tanzania.

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