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All our Guides are licensed, enthusiastic and real specialist. We have had the opportunity to get to know most of the guide located at every destination throughout Arusha and most popular destination in Tanzania; this is why we know who the best are! We take care of all the details from helping you to choose the best trip to match your interests and budget, to arranging your local flights and many other ground activities in your East African destinations.

At Pathfinder Safaris, we have good guides/spotters. Trust us; you will miss more than you see if you do not have a professional and experienced guide with you. Apart from the fact that they will see twice as much as you would see, they also know ten times as much.

Our commitment at Pathfinder Safaris Inc. is to provide you with professional, experienced and knowledgeable standing team. Most of our trips are led by one of our experienced tourist guides, local guides, or Pathfinder Safaris Representatives. Their main job is to take the hassle of traveling off your back to ensure that you have the best travel experience possible, help you to immerse yourself into states to enjoy a cultural adventure of each place we visit, give tips and suggest great eating options for clients where possible and, of course, introduce you to their local friends that are mostly friendly. We will also provide you with a local guide for some of your short walks, trips, hikes, and National Parks we visit. We are well known for our personalized and professional services.

For mountain trekking, our lead Guide function as the leader of the trek, he/she will also be responsible for the safety and success of each client. Based on the size of the group, the lead guide directs the team of Assistant Guides during the trekking. They set the pace for the climb, properly monitor the health and fitness of our clients and communicate daily updates back to our office.
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