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Why Choose Pathfinder Safaris?

Why Choose Pathfinder Safaris?

Yes, we are aware that there are hundreds of trekking and adventure companies in Tanzania and Kenya, promising various kinds of travel experiences. Are you pondering on why you should embrace our services? Do you want to know what you stand to benefit from patronizing us? Read on to find out the numerous reasons why you will choose Pathfinder Safaris…


As a tour agency in Tanzania, Pathfinder Safaris Inc. firmly believes in teamwork and partnership, indeed, our team is our greatest strength and the most valuable assets of our company. We have a team of young, friendly and vibrant staff comprising of guides, porters, cooks, high altitude climbers, office assistants, and ground handling officers. Despite the fact that our team comprises of people from different parts of Tanzania, we are strongly united by one single goal which is to offer the best services to our clients from around the world. Pathfinder Safaris is a locally owned adventure travel and safaris company and we specialize in the following services:

  • Short excursion
  • Cities tours
  • Sightseeing
  • Recreation
  • Educational
  • Trekking
  • Wildlife safaris
  • Hiking and Climbing
  • Cultural tourism programs
  • Educational research
  • Beach holiday vacations
  • Adventure travels
  • Photographing safaris
  • Special Tourist requests

We are primarily located in Tanzania, in Arusha region which is well known as a tourist center “City of Destinations”. Arusha town can be found on the Tanzania map and is a few miles away from the top of Africa, the Mount Kilimanjaro, nestled at the foot of the picturesque Mount Meru and surrounded by the famous and stunning parks that will provide you with full pleasures of adventure and fun. As TeamPathfinder, we focus all our love and attention on our guests, giving them a memorable experience in our homeland.

We are aware that by ensuring that our customers experience the fun and pleasures of their holidays, they will refer their friends and contacts to do business with us. We appreciate the importance of one guest and therefore provide unbeatable service delivery. TeamPathfinder is strongly united by a common thread of solidarity, co-operation, and mutual support and we are delighted to be your hosts in the East African countries.

Field and Office Staff

We believe that the quality of our staff determines the quality of the services we render, all our outdoor mountain guides and climbers are certified professionals and our cooks, porters, and drivers are also professionals, they are friendly, helpful, passionate and knowledgeable in their respective fields and they possess a high level of experience. They are thoroughly trained and experienced in every aspect of a mountaineering expedition, safaris, trekking, eco-tourism, wilderness first-aid and emergency evacuation.

Our staff are well paid and equipped with full gear and clothing while working in remote areas, mountains, ocean, and wilds. We promote the safety and security of our clients and staff and offer life insurance schemes to our field staff who run the trips for our clients. In the event of emergencies, both our trekking guides and porters are offered full medical treatment including rescue operation.

These qualities ensure the safety and comfort of our guests and therefore we are well equipped to create a colorful and discovery-oriented adventure trip putting the mind of our clients to rest regarding their safety and comfort. Our staff were born and brought up in the trekking areas above 1,500m, they are extremely knowledgeable about the indigenous wildlife and landscape and are also able to acquaint our clients with local cultures, traditions and also foster better interaction between our clients and the local people. Our office staff are also professionals with effective communication skill, although their command of the English language is limited to an adventure-related topic, they are also well-versed in communication in other foreign languages.

Customized and High-Quality Service

One of the reasons why Pathfinder Safaris Inc. is the best choice company to work with is the quality of the service that we render, Take a look at some of the features of our services:

  • We ensure high-quality food services that are hygienic, organic and as much as possible locally sourced
  • We provide for every detailed need of our clients with utmost care and concern and we offer incredibly reasonable and competitive prices compared to the quality of service we render
  • At Pathfinder Safaris Inc. we offer highly flexible services by designing safaris and trekking to suit the interests of our clients. We also provide services that are tailor-made and custom-designed packages that put into consideration the timeframe, budget, and interests of our clients. All you have to do is to explain your preferences and goals you aim to achieve and we will design the itinerary based strictly on your choice

We are ever improving on our services, ready to update our practices to align with global best practices in the business of tourism, this ensures that our clients will feel comfortable and free to achieve their goals without bothering about other issues such as logistics.

Adopting and Promoting Socially Responsible Practices

Pathfinder Safaris Inc. is among the first trekking agencies in Tanzania to promote responsible tourism practices, it is specifically clear from our name which carries the message. We are environmentally conscious and create the path for others to follow, our focus is on the reduction of pollution, promotion of resource management, optimizing the use of natural resources and also delivery of several benefits to the communities.

Regularly, we execute several programs to fulfill these goals such as tree planting, community awareness, garbage management and close collaboration with local clubs and associations. Pathfinder Safaris is an ethically-driven Travel Company, an integral part of the society where we operate and therefore, we consider it as our social responsibility to give back to the local community. As part of our corporate social responsibility, we also allocate a certain percentage of our revenue to be invested in different areas such as the public sector, health, education, sponsorship, and several others.

Promoting Sustainable Tourism

We strongly believe in sustainable tourism and therefore fully support The Arusha Manifesto slogan

“The survival of our wildlife is a matter of grave concern to all of us in Africa. These wild creatures amid the wild places they inhabit are not only important as a source of wonder and inspiration but are an integral part of our natural resources and our future livelihood and well-being.

In accepting the trusteeship of our wildlife we solemnly declare that we will do everything in our power to make sure that our children’s grand-children will be able to enjoy this rich and precious inheritance.

The conservation of wildlife and wild places calls for specialist knowledge, trained manpower, and money, and we look to other nations to co-operate with us in this important task – the success or failure of which not only affects the continent of Africa but the rest of the world as well.” Mwalimu Julius K. Nyerere, 1961.

Nyerere’s philosophy to cherish and protect Tanzania’s spectacular wildlife as a prime national heritage is fully expressed in the high priority the Tanzanian government has given to the conservation of natural resources. Although Tanzania initially had just one National Park which is the Serengeti, there are over 15 more Parks created and about 30 percent of Tanzania is protected which includes game reserves, national parks, marine parks, conservation parks and reserves preserving the country’s rich natural heritage. Consequently, most of our clients are repeat visitors who are environmentally conscious travelers. This has motivated our company to adopt a tagline: “Where there is greenery, there is peace and happiness” Our effort is directed towards promoting sustainability of our environment, the host communities as well as our tourism business.

Multi-Lingual Guides

We have professional multilingual guides that will lead you with interpretations and detailed information about mountaineering, wildlife, culture, and wilderness of the East African landscape. Our guides are fluent in English, German, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, French and also native East African languages. This ensures efficient communication between our guides and our clients and also better service delivery.

Courteous Travel Agents

We understand that part of our responsibility is the satisfaction of our clients and that is why we have professional travel agents that are courteous and efficient in the planning of trips. We also help to book local flights, transportation and also provide answers to any questions you have while seeking for the most competitive prices in Arusha markets. When you use our service, we provide trips that are designed to showcase and share the natural beauty and cultural heritage of the people such as the Tanzania music and the wildlife throughout Tanzania. Come on board, let’s share our home with you by providing you with an adventure of a lifetime. We will ensure that our clients experience the best tourist experience that Africa has to offer through our esteemed travel agents.

Majestic Country of Scenery Mountains

A good reason why you will choose us is that we will provide you with the necessary resources to enjoy Tanzania, a majestic country of Scenery Mountains, enriched with cultural heritages that are untouched by modernity and the peaceful Great Rift Valley. The Ngorongoro Crater, Kilimanjaro Safaris, and several attractions are readily available, waiting for you to explore and enjoy. If you desire to travel with us, you will get the opportunity to visit the highest points of Africa, different peaks, and forests of the Eastern Arc Mountain which originally encompasses 23,700 sq. km, the Eastern Arc Forest and other biologically diverse sites. The mountain range is sometimes known as “The Galapagos Islands of Africa”, though they also exist in Southern America with unique plants and animals. You will enjoy all the exotic natural flora and fauna, culture and traditions of the local people of Tanzania.

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Vision Statement
To promote and render high-quality service delivery in leisure, travel and tourism industry that would lead to increased number of international and local tourists in Tanzania and beyond.
Mission Statement
To offer the most meaningful, luxurious and personalized safaris and expeditions available to East Africa today in order to fulfill our customer’s desire and help them realize their dream of exploring this part of the African continent

In order to achieve our vision and mission statement, we strive to be the utmost inbound or outbound Tour Operators/Travel Agency in Leisure, Travel and Tourism industry through:

  • The provision of a safe, high quality and energetic winning team that will render excellent service to tourists
  • Continuous improvement of our services and expedition products
  • Achieving customer satisfaction by meeting or exceeding the expectations of our customers
  • Operation of our business in an efficient and effective manner by channeling part of our profits to the local communities and shareholders while seeking to increase the opportunities for employee growth and development
  • Being a responsible employer of labor that is respected by employees and the communities where we operate

Let’s go beyond your wildest expectation! Our guests come as clients but leave as part of our community…a family”.


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